Taking My 4 Year Old Over The Road

By: Cashawnda Gunter,

Ask Your Truck Drivers Money Saving Questions HereWhile I was pregnant in 2010 I decided stop driving. I am currently in the process of obtaining my cdl again and going back over the road. I now have a 4 year old boy and have found a company that will allow him to ride with me. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions or personal stories to share with exactly how this might work.


Response from Vicki:

Hi, Cashawnda,

Thanks for asking a question on our website about taking a 4-year-old over the road in a truck.

Most 4-year-olds we know tend to be high-energy and easy-to-distract. You will need to have a way of keeping your boy sufficiently occupied while you drive so that you can concentrate on driving. (I’m sure you know that distracted driving is very serious and it takes only a moment for things to go very badly.)

I am opening this up to other readers so that they may share their thoughts. Questions I have include:

“What was the age of the youngest child you ever took with you on the road?”

“How did you keep your child sufficiently occupied while you drove?”

“Did you ‘homeschool’ your child in the truck?”

“Did your spouse travel with you and your child?”

“How did you handle potentially frequent needs for bathroom breaks?”

Thanks in advance for your help.

Cashawnda, you mentioned obtaining your CDL “again”. I’m wondering why that would be necessary if you had had it in the past.

Should you pursue going in trucking again, we wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons


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Reply by Cashawnda
Date: Jan 29, 2015

I voluntarily gave up my CDL in 2013. Now that he is older and lets face it I can’t make what I make in a truck on a production line, I have decided to reinstate it. To do so I have to retake my written test. KY law is that if it has been over a year but less than 5 years you are only required to take the written test again. So I will have to get my DOT physical, send the papers to Frankfort, wait up to 2 weeks for a decision, if in my favor I will retake the written test and provided that I pass it, I will be issued my CDL again.

The only company I found that will take riders that young also requires me to have someone else 18 or older on the truck with me when he is with me. So aside from having their help we’ve also got a mass movie collection, he has a tablet and I will make sure I bring some toys. He is absolutely fascinated with riding in the big truck. He will go between my mother and myself so he won’t be stuck on the truck all the time.

My boyfriend is also a truck driver so we’ve had limited experience with all 3 of us on the truck but it seemed to work for the 2 weeks that we did it. So I’m hoping for the absolute best!

Thank you for taking my submission I cannot wait to see the ideas other have as well.