Truck Side Skirts On Semi Trucks

By: Michelle,

Ask Your Truck Drivers Money Saving Questions HereI would like to know if there is any safety equipment you can put on your truck to make it less wind suck or vacuum or bow wave which pushes you away from the rig, and against when passing a big rig trailer. Do Side skirts help with this wind gust and cross mid way sucks. Is there anything that can slow this down not to cause so much turbulence to the passing drivers? Do Side skirts and wheel covers help with this?

Response from Vicki:

Hi, Michelle,

Thank you for asking.

We have never heard of another vehicle getting sucked under a semi tractor trailer combination of any kind due to a vacuum.

Gusty crosswinds can push vehicles of any weight around on roads.

Side skirts and wheel covers are used to help improve the aerodynamics of a commercial motor vehicle, to help it get better fuel mileage. While side skirts may block some measure of a crosswind from coming under a trailer, that is not their primary function.

Also, there is no device that we know of that “pushes” vehicles away from a tractor trailer in transit like a force field.

If you are driving a four-wheeled vehicle and you are concerned about the turbulence from tractor trailers, we suggest that you try driving on routes that are restricted to large trucks.

I hope this answers your question. Thanks.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons