TVC Is Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be!

By: Bad News,
Kissimmee, Florida

Services Review Invitation9 over citation. Original fine $182.00. Used TVC and after several calls finally got an attorney. Asked to speak to him but never got a response. Then, 6 weeks later I get a letter from TVC. Good news! Your ticket was reduced to 4 over. And fine is now $386.00 “I’m already out nearly a grand and now it’s another $386. For the fines and court costs. 4 over on a Florida CDL is the same as 15 over.
Lesson learned! Do your due diligence. Find your own attorney! And dont waste your hard earned money on this scam.AAA has better benefits if you want that than this company.So don’t trust what these clowns say. Do your own work if you want to fight a ticket don’t trust someone else to do it for you.