Xtreme Fuel Treatment Review

By: Allen Smith,

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Successful truck owner operators and trucking fleets understand the importance of saving every dollar wherever possible. Most owner operators will fail due to not running their business as a business. Truck drivers who do succeed in their own trucking business will know where every penny goes and are constantly discovering ways to lower their costs and raise their profits. Squeezing even one more gallon per mile out of every tank full can lead to a big savings.

Truckers are no strangers to fuel additives, with several brands available on the market. A gas and diesel fuel treatment, recently opened to the public and catching the attention of many drivers is the XTREME fuel treatment. Used in large industrial operations for years, it has now become available to the general public. After being contacted by Mike Garcia of diesel treatment, I agreed to test the Xtreme additive on my own to see how and if it really worked.

Over a seventeen day period, I recorded the miles driven and gallon fill-ups, with the average miles per gallon per tank full. The first five days were operated normally with no Xtreme added, in order to clarify the current MPG average. For the next five days, Xtreme was added with those results being recorded as well. The final seven days included running without the Xtreme fuel treatment, in order for the treatment to work itself out of the system and see what the MPG results would conclude.

Within the first 24 hours, the first noticeable aspect was that the engine ran much quieter and smoother. Once the Xtreme was added, you can see an increase in the MPG performance with each passing day. Once the Xtreme started working itself out of the system, you will note that the MPG average began dropping. The average MPG reading of 5.78 was listed on the first day of testing, August 1st, 2010. By the tenth day of August, having started the treatment on 08/06/10, the MPG reading came in at 8.07 MPG. Having to end the testing on this date, I was unable to actually see what reading the MPG average would have plateaued.

With an average MPG of 6.5, the Xtreme fuel treatment had reached an 8.07 reading, resulting in a 1.57 MPG increase. With two 100 gallon tanks, this would result in a 314 miles per tank increase. As of August 30th, 2010, the U.S. average for diesel was $2.989 per gallon, which would result in a $116.00 savings per tank full. Having achieved these results with only a five day treatment, I plan to do further testing over a six week period.

You can see the results of this first test with our PDF file – Xtreme Fuel Treatment Test Program.

To learn more about the Xtreme fuel treatment for both gas and diesel engines, contact Mike Garcia at

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