Best Frugal Christmas Decoration for Semi Tractor Trailers

OK, we will admit that we try to be frugal. When it came to having a Christmas decoration on the truck that Mike drove for his regional trucking company, three things were immediately apparent:

  • Red bow on truck grill as a Christmas decoration.Since he drove a company truck, he couldn’t use Anything that would permanently attach to the vehicle;
  • He didn’t know enough about electricity to set up some large fancy light show; and
  • We didn’t want to prematurely run down the battery’s power.

So, we opted (please don’t groan) for a $1 red bow at a local dollar store. Here’s how it looked on the truck’s grill.

Sure, it was nice and that was in the past.

We know that there are other drivers out there who, in what has been called the “holiday spirit,” have decorated their trucks a whole lot better.

So, we’re on a quest for the “best frugal Christmas decoration for semi tractor trailers.”

If you have decked out your truck and you’re proud of how little you spent on it, now’s your chance to brag.

Use the form below to let us know how you decorate your truck for Christmas on the cheap.

Oh, and did we mention that of all the entries that are made, we plan to select one and proclaim that driver as the “2013 best frugal Christmas decorator of a semi tractor trailer”?

Yep! Just get your entry in before midnight on December 23, 2013. Let the frugal truck decorating begin! (Don’t forget to send photos!)

BTW, although these are not frugal, here are some photos of trucks decorated for Christmas.


Use our Trucker Services form here to submit your truck’s entry. (Yes, you’re serving yourself and others by making your truck look nice.)



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