On Jasons Law: An Alternative View to Truck Parking (Jason’s Law)

Trucks parked in a truck stop. The lack of adequate truck parking is part of what gave rise to Jason's Law.The introduction of Jasons Law (Jason’s Law) came about after the theft from and murder of Jason Rivenburg, a New York truck driver, in our home state of South Carolina.

Naturally, we empathize with his widow and two children over the loss of Hope’s husband and their children’s father.

We wish that our world was safe from criminals.

Non-local professional truck drivers, by virtue of their occupations, face a unique situation daily: finding safe, legal
parking for their rigs during their mandatory 10-hour rest breaks.

The lack of adequate truck parking has been well documented and commented on frequently.

We ourselves have experienced the problem. Vicki wrote on June 21, 2010(1):

… One night not long ago, my husband Mike was driving south from the northeastern USA. We stopped at 7 different potential parking places — including a service plaza, rest areas and several truck stops — in New Jersey and Pennsylvania before finding a place to safely and legally park. …

So, we understand.

We have also deliberately steered clear of many political issues that affect truck drivers on our website since it is dedicated to helping professional truck drivers save money.

But don’t think for a moment that passage of Jasons Law (Jason’s Law) will be cost-free.

Viewpoints About Jason’s Law

We respect the viewpoints of Allen Smith (AskTheTrucker.com) and Jason Cox(2).
askthetrucker.com/jasons-law-gathers-momentum-as-september-15th-call-in-approaches/ (no longer online)

We have been members of OOIDA, which pressed for the passage(3) of the two bills, Hr2156 and S971.

But we politely disagree with them on this matter.

While we are in favor of more safe, legal truck parking, we believe that passage of Jasons Law (Jason’s Law) is not the way to fix the problem.

Here’s why:

  1. Just because there is a law on the books does not mean that the problem will cease to exist. There are laws against murder but murder still happens. There are laws against theft, but theft still happens. Ad infinitum, ad nauseum.
  2. An examination of the U.S. Constitution will reveal that there is no provision for the federal government to create or maintain parking for big trucks.
  3. Numerous states have closed rest areas because of the cost to keep them open (although some states have reopened some facilities). If the federal government creates truck parking, how much will it cost all of us in taxpayer funds? How many unauthorized programs are we already paying for? Won’t this be just another one of them?
  4. If the government provides something, it will want something in return. Imagine all of the problems that can ensue for professional drivers who park in federal parking spots.
  5. The best way to handle the situation is to allow the free market to work such that entrepreneurs create truck stops with plenty of free parking. Some truck stops require a fee for parking and then monitor their lots. We would not necessarily oppose a modest fee for parking — if there is no other place to park and if drivers were able to be reimbursed by their trucking companies.

Our friend Jason Cox wrote an article on his website about the waste of the “stimulus money” by the federal government and lack of truck parking.

Vicki wrote in reply on August 5, 2010.(4)

Other Costs From Jason’s Law

They will say 'Pay Me'. There is no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to federal intervention on truck parking, as it concerns Jason's Law.Aside from the constitutional problems associated with Jasons Law (Jason’s Law), we foresee a number of problems ahead for professional truck drivers, a number of which may be very costly (if not in direct out-of-pocket costs, then certainly in numerous indirect costs).

Consider the higher taxes.

Consider the surrender of more of your liberties.

Furthermore, when Jasons Law (Jason’s Law) has been implemented:

  • What’s to prevent government from setting up CSA checkpoints at “their” truck stops?
  • Why would they not randomly check EOBRs or ELDs for compliance?
  • What if they decided to do a truck inspection on your rig while you slept?

Think it can’t happen?

Think again.

There are lots of abuses of government power taking place in our day that we never would have imagined just a decade ago.

You are free to disagree with us on this issue.

We don’t mind.

But remember: there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Someone somewhere has to pay for it.

To comment on this issue, please contact us.


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