Remanufactured Drivetrain Components Q&A with Valley Truck Parts

The following questions about remanufactured drivetrain components have been answered by Steve Burman, Business Development Director of Valley Truck Parts.

Vicki’s questions are in bold font face and Steve’s answers are in regular font face.

1. What components are part of a truck’s drivetrain?

Transmission thru to the differential and wheel ends, all gearing, driveshaft, etc.

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2. Do you have a copyright-free image that shows the various components of a truck’s drivetrain?”

Truck frame with drivetrain components.

3. I looked up “drivetrain” on Wikipedia, which raises important questions:

“What is the difference between a ‘driveline’ and a ‘drivetrain’, if any?”

just different terms-generally referring to same

“Is it true as Wikipedia states, that a driveline/drivetrain consists of ‘the parts of the powertrain excluding the engine and transmission’?”

in our world it includes transmission but excludes engine.

4. What is the quality of remanufactured drivetrain components compared to new?

If a higher percentage of OE parts are used, or 100% in the case of Eaton authorized, the quality is the same as new, for a much reduced price.

5. Which drivetrain components are most likely to need replacing on which trucks and when?

This varies by industry, but generally a transmission will need replacement 1st, followed closely and sometimes replaced in
1st by a differential. Both of these are due to many conditions, such as driver habits, construction/logging/related industries are much harder on equipment that over the road, etc.

6a. How will a professional truck driver know when it is time to replace part of his/her truck’s drivetrain? and

6b. Does the truck give ‘clues’ about the need to replace parts (such as an odd sound, lower fuel mileage or it just quits working) or is there a service interval at which certain parts are recommended for replacement?

Good maintenance procedures will extend drivetrain components, but some will begin to howl or grind, others sometimes just break with no warning.

7. What should a trucker look for when getting ready to buy remanufactured drivetrain components?

When looking for remanufactured components, don’t just look for price! The old adage you get what you pay for is very true. Ask for what percentage of Original Equipment parts do you use in your rebuild-many remanufacturers are under 50% in this category. Valley Truck Parts is consistently at 75% and above, and our Eaton Authorized transmission is 100% OE parts. Our failure rate on remanufactured units is consistently than others, due to our quality control and use of OE parts in our units.

8. How much money can a trucker save on remanufactured drivetrain components compared to new?

Savings vary on the type of transmission needed, and the quality/origin of the parts used, but you can expect a 25% minimum
savings on your remanufactured transmission purchase.

9. What kind of a warranty (if any) should a trucker ask for regarding remanufactured drivetrain components?

This varies as to use and automatic/manual-but a 1 year warranty/unlimited miles is a minimum standard that should be accepted. If a remanufacturer will not give at least this, question the reliability of the parts they use, and their quality control.

10. From a consumer protection standpoint: “What dealer ‘tricks’ — to try to get a trucker to pay more than he/she needs to — should a professional truck driver be on the alert for when getting replacement drivetrain parts?”

Replacing more components than is necessary. May be just a differential issue, but wants to replace more components.


Thanks, Steve, for answering our questions about remanufactured and replacement driveline or drivetrain components!

Valley Truck Parts has an extensive inventory of new and remanufactured components such as Rockwell, Fuller, Spicer, Holland Hitch, Timken, Dana, and many more. They are also an authorized Allison Reman center. With many remanufactured units assembled and in stock, they can get you the unit that you need.

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