Restaurant Review Grannys Georgia Wildwood

This “Restaurant Review Grannys Georgia Wildwood” is a review of the truck stop restaurant Granny’s at Wildwood, Georgia, submitted by professional truck drivers.

Please note that upon receiving this review on March 13, 2012, Vicki attempted to contact the reviewers and verify that the exit number is as stated. Based on our own research, it appears as though the restaurant may be at exit 169 instead of 164. However, we have not yet received a reply. So, we are submitting this as we received it.

Restaurant Review Grannys Georgia Wildwood Basic Info

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First Name Sean and Karla
Last Name Tuggle
Country United States
You are a/an… Owner Operator
How many total years of professional driving experience do you have? 10
What is the name and location of the truck stop restaurant you are reviewing? Granny’s @ exit 164 off I-24 in Wildwood, GA
On what date did you have a meal at this truck stop restaurant (month, day, year)? March 13, 2012

Restaurant Review Grannys Georgia Wildwood Specifics

What meal did you eat at this truck stop restaurant? Dinner
How long was your wait for someone to take your order? No waiting
What entrees (or main dishes) did you eat? Smoked Beef Ribs
What fruits and/or vegetables did you eat? Baked Beans
What soup or salad did you eat? Home made potato salad
What bread did you eat? None
What dessert did you eat? Fresh walnut fudge brownies
If you ordered a custom meal from the menu, what was it and did it arrive as ordered?:
What did you have to drink (hot or cold)? Cold Southern Sweet Tea
Was your food at the right temperature? Just right
What, if anything, did you specifically want to eat (on bars or menu) that was not available? Nothing
How would you rate the cleanliness of the restaurant and your table?: Very clean
How attentive was your waiter or waitress? Very attentive
How was the atmosphere in the room? Temperature just right
How comfortable was your table and chair/bench? Very comfortable
Do you feel that the value of the food and service for this truck stop restaurant experience was worth what you paid for it? Yes
Based on your personal expectations, what grade would you give to this restaurant experience today (A+ is best; F- is worst)? A+
Additional comments: This is a new restaurant that actually will not have their grand opening until 4/1/2012, but have already started serving daily specials.  They specialize in smoked meats and real southern dishes.  The exit where they are located has the worlds smallest Pilot and one other gas station that together have about 25 truck spaces for parking, but you can park at Granny’s for up to 2 hours and if you want to stay longer it is $5 for as long as you want and there is plenty of room.  They also have one shower in each restroom for men and women.  We showed up after they had already closed and the owners saw us and insisted that we come on in and they would be more than happy to feed us.  It was like showing up at your favorite cousins and having the best food you ever put to your lips and great conversation.  We left there full and happy and they charged us $12 but we gave them $20 because they deserved it.  We will eat here every time we come through and we hope you will too!  Enjoy!


Restaurant Review Grannys Georgia Wildwood

Thanks for your review, Sean and Karla.

Yum! That sounds like mighty good eating!

We appreciate your feedback.

We wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Mike and Vicki Simons

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