Shower Review Loves Virginia Max Meadows

This “Shower Review Loves Virginia Max Meadows” is a review of the shower facility at the Love’s Travel Stop in Max Meadows, VA, USA, based upon our own expectations of what a shower facility that caters to professional truck drivers of commercial motor vehicles should be like, our own preferences (especially in comparison to a home bathroom), and our observations.

Shower Review Loves Virginia Max Meadows

Date: 7/8/2010

Location: Love’s Travel Stop, Max Meadows, VA, I-81, exit 84

Overall Facility: Shower Review Loves Virginia Max Meadows

  • Showers assigned by clerk (not automatically via kiosk)
  • On this particular day at the time we showed up for a shower, we had no wait.
  • Shower is free with minimum 50 gallon purchase of fuel from a Love’s Travel Stop anywhere in the nation within the last 7 days.

Shower #2

Pros: Shower Review Loves Virginia Max Meadows

  • One towel and washcloth were waiting for us in the shower
  • We were able to get two more towels from the clerk
  • Counter space at sink was sufficient to meet our needs
  • Fan worked well (but had a coating of dust on it)
  • Mirror was well positioned on wall behind sink for both short and tall drivers
  • Water pressure from sink was good
  • Electrical outlets worked well
  • Showerhead could be positioned as needed
  • The washcloths were adequate to meet our needs.
  • Toilet flushed well
  • There were two installed soap holders in the shower stall
  • There was a foam soap dispenser with soap in it in the shower stall
  • Built-in seat was almost big enough for an oversized shower bag.

Cons: Shower Review Loves Virginia Max Meadows

  • There was not enough light in the room. The only two lights were “over” the mirror and in the shower stall; there were none installed in the ceiling in the middle of the room.
  • Shower water pressure was inconsistent, especially when a toilet was flushed.
  • We don’t like the “sand blaster” style of showerhead
  • Shower water temperature rose slightly whenever a toilet was flushed
  • Door had no deadbolt lock on it
  • Door had no door restrictor
  • There were only two towel hooks in the entire room, and both of those were on the back of the door.
  • Some tiles on the wall behind the door were cracked and pieces were missing (most likely from the door being opened too hard and hitting the wall).
  • At one time, there had been a device installed on the door to close it automatically, but this had been removed some time ago. No doubt, this missing piece is at least part of the reason why the tiles on the wall behind the door were broken.
  • While shower configuration was designed to minimize splattering of water outside the stall, water splattered out anyway (probably because of the force of the water coming from the showerhead).
  • There was no drain installed in the floor outside the shower stall for splattered shower water to drain into.
  • The vent in the ceiling had condensation on it when we entered the room. During the time that Vicki was cleaning up after her shower, a drop of water fell from the vent onto her arm.
  • The towels were somewhat thin.
  • There was a housefly buzzing around in the room.

Overall Grade

Overall grade for this shower at this facility on a scale of A+ to F- (with A+ being the best, F- being the worst): C+

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