Shower Review Petro Pennsylvania Scranton

This “Shower Review Petro Pennsylvania Scranton” is a review of the shower facility at the Petro Stopping Center in Scranton, PA, USA, based upon our own expectations of what a shower facility that caters to professional truck drivers of commercial motor vehicles should be like, our own preferences (especially in comparison to a home bathroom), and our observations.

Shower Review Petro Pennsylvania Scranton

Date: 5/29/2010

Location: Petro Stopping Center, Scranton, PA, I-81, Exit 178B

Overall Facility: Shower Review Petro Pennsylvania Scranton

  • Showers obtained at travel store desk
  • Key assigned by travel store clerk
  • Shower is free with minimum 50 gallon purchase of fuel from a Petro Stopping Center anywhere in the nation within the last 5 days or by purchase for USD $10

Shower #1

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Note: On this day, we purchased a shower for USD $10.

Pros: Shower Review Petro Pennsylvania Scranton

  • One washcloth and one fabric bathmat were waiting for us in the shower
  • One small bar of packaged soap was waiting for us
  • Shower was clean upon arrival
  • Counter space at sink was adequate to meet our needs
  • The light over the sink and mirror allows male drivers to get a close shave without nicking
  • The mirror was well positioned on wall behind sink for both short and tall drivers
  • Water pressure from sink was good
  • Electrical outlets worked well
  • Shower was designed to allow the user not to get wet when turning on the water
  • Three towel hooks were directly outside the shower stall; it was easy to reach for a towel from inside the stall upon completion of shower
  • Door had a turn-type lock
  • Washcloths were sufficiently thick
  • Towels were sufficiently thick
  • Toilet flushed well
  • Water temperature stayed pretty constant when a toilet was flushed
  • The moveable seat was more than large enough to hold an oversized shower bag
  • The drain in the shower was large and worked wonderfully well
  • There was a soap dispenser with a foam delivery near the sink.
  • There was a paper towel dispenser with a more-than-adequate roll of paper towels in it.

Cons: Shower Review Petro Pennsylvania Scranton

  • There was no fan in the room
  • There was no towel waiting for us in the room upon our arrival. When Mike asked for “two more,” he was under the assumption that one towel was waiting for us. When he discovered that the only two towels he had were what was given to him, he went to the work room and got another “half-towel”.
  • The trash receptacle installed on the wall was small
  • Water pressure in shower reduced slightly when the toilet was flushed
  • While the showerhead appeared to be like one you’d use at home, the water coming from it was sprayed in a narrow range, not wide like a home showerhead
  • The “lip” on the shower stall was only about 1/2-inch high, not high enough to keep water from splattering on the floor outside the stall
  • There was a substantial amount of dust on top of the light fixture over the sink; only Mike could see this.
  • The ventilation in the room was not sufficient to prevent fogging of the mirror or condensation from collecting on the walls. For this reason, it was obvious why the grout in the tiles outside the shower stall had begun to discolor.
  • There was no door restrictor on the door.

Overall Grade

Overall grade for this shower at this facility on a scale of A+ to F- (with A+ being the best, F- being the worst): B

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