TDMST Weekly Round-Up 2022.10.01

This is the TDMST Weekly Round-Up of news affecting professional truck drivers, written by Vicki Simons for the week ending October 1, 2022.

We welcome your comments, thoughts and feedback on the items of your choice below.

TDMST Weekly Round-Up

1. Regarding hurricanes and FEMA:


On the East Coast of the USA, the big news this week has been Hurricane Ian.

For professional truck drivers of “high profile” commercial motor vehicles, high winds pose a very real risk of damage and being blown over.

Also, one must never drive in high water, even in a large truck.

According to

A mere 6 inches of fast-moving flood water can knock over an adult. It takes just 12 inches of rushing water to carry away most cars and just 2 feet of rushing water can carry away SUVs and trucks. It is NEVER safe to drive or walk into flood waters.

Here are some of the most recent articles, listed in alphabetical (not timeline) order:


One of the main points made in the article linked just below is:

While trucking demand will increase and rates may soar, it’s important for truckers to ensure that daily detention rates are built into their confirmation sheets, Fuller said. Often it can take days, and sometimes weeks, before trucks are unloaded, which can prove costly if detention pay is not built into a driver’s daily rate.

Read the rest of the article for other helpful info.


2. Regarding accidents: cut off, delays, drive off, explosion, low clearance, merge, parking, school bus (2), and train; fatality; and drugs:



We extend our deepest sympathy to the families of those who passed away.


Never ever haul illegal drugs in your truck, no matter how much of an incentive you’re offered.


3. Regarding autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and ban:

Autonomous vehicles

I most strongly oppose the operation of driverless, autonomous, or self-driving commercial motor vehicles on the roads with the motoring public, but share these articles with you as a courtesy to help you stay current with the topic:

Electric vehicles

Please remember that:

  • batteries only store energy (they do not generate or produce it),
  • a rechargeable battery will lose charge over the time that it is used,
  • to continue operating, an electric vehicle battery must be recharged somewhere by something,
  • an electric vehicle is completely dependent on the availability of recharging stations along one’s route (just like fuel-powered vehicles are completely dependent on the availability of fuel stations along one’s route),
  • the cost of recharging a vehicle may vary greatly (including the speed with which a vehicle is recharged), and
  • a rechargeable battery may lose energy storing capability over time, thus demanding the need to be replaced in the future.

Bearing all of these things in mind, here are some of the most recent articles on this topic:


I think that this is doomed to failure and will eventually backfire.


4. Regarding fuel and roads:




5. Regarding AB5 and supply chain:


Supply chain

Since the word “sustainability” was used in the title of the last article linked in the section above, I took the time to get a definition of “sustainable” and one definition is simply:
“Capable of being sustained.”

OK… “Sustained” is the past tense of “sustain”, so let’s get a definition for that.

Sustain: “To keep in existence; maintain, continue, or prolong.”

While we would all like for certain things to be sustained (such as being able to eat nutritious food), one has to understand that this word is being used in a way that:

  • either many people don’t understand; and/or
  • may not approve of if they did understand.

For additional insight, you may wish to read part of the conclusion from “The Elite is Desperately Trying to Convince You to Eat Bugs. Here’s Why.“:

In the past months, we’ve witnessed the emergence of the bug-eating agenda. Using mass media and the educational system, the world elite is in full indoctrination mode to convince the world that crickets, locusts, cockroaches, and mealworms need to become an important part of our diet. The buzzwords used are sustainability, global warming, and pollution.

Here are some other resources:


6. Regarding economy, employment, retention, business, and recalls:


These are some of the most recent articles about the economy from the trucking industry’s perspective:





If your tractor or trailer is on a recall list, please take it to an authorized location for authorized work to fix the issue for which the recall was made.


7. Regarding chain law, ELDs, training, and trucking industry:

Chain law


If you feel strongly about ELDs, please be aware of the
PROPOSED RULE: Electronic Logging Device Revisions
Posted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Sep 16, 2022,
Comment Due Date: Nov 15, 2022.


Trucking industry

The video embedded in the article linked just above is excellent.

If you are in the USA and you feel strongly about the legislation passed into law that led to this situation, please contact your federal level elected officials (House and Senate).


8. Regarding fees, surcharges, tolls, and theft:





Please be on guard against any and all kinds of potential theft.


9. Regarding IDs, technology, and testing:


If you feel strongly regarding Electronic ID Systems in commercial motor vehicles in the USA, please be aware of this:
PROPOSED RULE: Unique Electronic Identification of Commercial Motor Vehicles
Posted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Sep 23, 2022
Comment Due Date: Nov 22, 2022




10. Regarding operations, safety, underride guards, and parking:



Underride guards


The Truck Parking Development Handbook (PDF) is referenced in the second article in the list just below.


11. Regarding border, vaccine, and health:



There never should have been a “mandate” in the first place!



12. Regarding recognition and awards:


We recognize and appreciate the efforts of those who helped their fellow human beings in a time of need.


Congratulations to truckers who demonstrated skill on the job and made notable achievements!


My husband Mike and I wish you — and all professional truck drivers — safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.




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