24 Volt Coffee Maker

By: bart,
assen (netherlands)

Product Review Invitationi use a 24 volt coffee machine from “all ride”
this company sells a lot of stuff for truck usage.

this coffee maker is a small one for one big cup or two small ones. it has a built in filter which can be removed for filling and cleaning. it’s a good machine. preparing goes fast enough. you can also make just hot water in it for thee or something like that.

Response from Vicki:

Thanks, Bart, for your product review of a 24 volt coffee maker. This is the type of in-truck coffee maker used in the Netherlands, which would probably be the equivalent of a 12 volt coffee maker in the USA.

Previously, we messaged back and forth on Twitter about the cost of coffee you paid, whether you purchased it on the road or made it yourself.

On Sept. 13, you wrote in part, “Coffe costs up to 3.50 euro when you buy it.”

We replied, “Wow. 3.50 Euro in current USD http://t.co/7U5zZng is $4.78! How much coffee do you get for that? A cup? How do you fix it in-truck? Thanks”

You replied in part, “For that money i get 350 cc. I have a coffee machine now and make it for 40 eurocent per cup.”

Converting for our American readers, 350 cc = 1.47936349 US cups.

We would be interested in knowing how much money other truckers who use 24 volt coffee makers in their trucks save on the cost of coffee. The same goes for those who use 12 volt coffee makers, too.

Thanks again, Bart. We wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons