Don’t Waste Your Fuel Filters And Time

By: Heather,
Webbers falls ok

Truck Stop Review InvitationIt’s more convenient to by fuel for our semi at loves but on more then one occasion it has cost hours of down time and several changes of filters. This last time fuel had to be removed to place back in filters when I took it out of the tank it was bright yellow and thick. I have been told that this is biodiesel but no were on the loves pump does it say that it’s biodiesel. Won’t be buying fuel at any loves ever again just saying!

Response from Vicki:

Hi, Heather,

Thanks for writing about this through the truck stop reviews part of our site.

While I can understand your frustration, I wish you had specified [which] Love’s Truck Stop it was that sold you biodiesel instead of regular diesel. I also wish that you had proof that there were no signs up that it was biodiesel where you bought fuel.

If any truck stop is dispensing products other than what is advertised, this could be a legal problem. If other drivers experienced the same thing and then had mechanical problems, it could be the grounds for a class action lawsuit. (You have a trucker legal plan, right?)

As for your down time and several changes of fuel filters, was this because of
* the biodiesel problem,
* poor performance by the mechanics in the shop or
* something else or a combination of factors?

Did you approach
* the manager of the truck stop where you discovered the biodiesel problem or
* the shop manager of the truck stop where you had the shop-related problems?

Did you complain verbally or in writing?

You may wish to read the information we have on our customer satisfaction page. We have a section on that page called [How to Complain Effectively] that you may find helpful.

I realize that this won’t help undo the problems that you have had in the past, but it could help to improve things in the future. Plus, if other truckers have been affected by these things, then by banding together, you can help improve the trucking industry at least one step in the right direction.

Would you please return to this page after you’ve taken action and let me know what happened?


Mike and I wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities.

Best regard,
Vicki Simons

—– Comment —–
Loves Odessa Texas by John Knotek
Date: Sep 16, 2014

I too have had an issue with Love’s mix. They say they mix it at the fuel station by a computer system. Takes B100 and mixes with ULSD. I have a 2011 Ford 6.7 D hot shot and on 9/4/2014 in the morning fuels approximately 68 gallons. I left empty for PHX and noticed a considerable MPG loss over my last few loaded trips. I got a turbo Underboost code in PHX and it cleared and did not return until I ran that tank out of the Loves fuel. In Tonapah Nevada on Saturday the truck coded a long list of issues and shut down on the road while trying to limp off to a wide spot. Filters were completely clogged and fouled, Excessive soot, DPF overheat x2, Underboost, low fuel pressure and EGTs of over 1250. While a afternoon waiting for filters just south of Tonapah could be exciting, it was not because the damage was done. The new filters got me back on the road, but the extreme EGTs took the turbo out. Today I get it back and over a week down and close to $4K in repairs. I have file a case with Love’s but it may take a civil case to get it resolved.