Learn Spanish Over The Road

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Telephone Services and Telecommunications IdeaCD programs for Spanish such as “Drive-Time Spanish” would allow you to play lessons when the road is empty out in the desert. The program gives the English and the Spanish. But to be safe only play it while stopped.

Response from Vicki:

We aren’t sure how this actually helps professional truck drivers save money, but it is an option that drivers have to be able to learn another language, something that can be particularly useful in certain areas of the world.

Listening to audio CDs and audiobooks while driving can make the time seem to go by more quickly. But like we said for the tip about learning law over the road, a professional truck driver needs to concentrate on driving his or her truck. So, yes, to be safe, listen only when you’ve parked your truck.

Shown here are a couple of potential audio CDs to allow the users to learn Spanish from Amazon.com, with whom we have an affiliate relationship.

Note that they have been designed to listen to while driving. However, the vehicle shown is a four-wheeled one.


It is possible that you can find good buys on used sets that are still in great shape.

Also, the two sets above cost (at least as of the time this is being published) different amounts. Compare sets to find out how much “oomph” you can get for the money.

Thanks for sharing. We wish you save travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

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