I Owe $1,500 For My CDL Certificate. Can You Help Me

By: Richard W.,

Truck Driving Job Money Saving IdeaI have completed my truck driving school with southwest truck driving training.However I need to pay them 1,500.00 to get my CDL Certificate.Can you help me?

Response from Vicki:

Hi, Richard,

Thanks for asking a question about getting a CDL through a trucking company.*

We don’t provide monetary assistance to any student driver but we provide plenty of free advice on our website to those seeking to become a truck driver.

Have you approached the trucking company to see how you can possibly pay off this amount in some way — perhaps over time or through a third party?

When Mike and I went to trucking school, we had student loans through a completely independent financial institution. Although we had our CDLs in hand after graduation, we paid off our student loans over the course of our first year as professional truck drivers. Is this your situation or does the trucking company “hold all of the cards” on your CDL, your job and your future as a trucker?

Although we are not attorneys,

* If it is the case that the truck driver training school through which you got your CDL is not allowing you to have your CDL until you pay the money;

* If the trucking company will not allow you to work as a professional truck driver for their company even under a permit basis to work off what you owe; and

* If it is the case that you signed a contract to that effect;

then legally, you are probably on the hook financially.

We warn prospective truckers about the possibility of being exploited by unscrupulous trucking companies, especially those who offer so-called free cdl training.

From the trucking company’s perspective, they spent the time to train you, so they want their money. If you agreed to that, then you will want to be honest and ethical about paying them.

Without a CDL, you cannot drive professionally, even if you seek to work for some other trucking company. And you will still owe the trucking company through whom you got your training.

Furthermore, if you don’t pay what you owe, the company through whom you got your training may be able to write something negative on your DAC report (assuming you will have one). You may also rack up some negative impact on your credit report (if the company decides to press it).

As money options:
* Is there something of value that you can sell or rent that will amount to what you owe?
* Can you ask family members or friends to loan or give you the money (such as 15 people at $100 each)?
* Have you asked friends through such venues as a possible Facebook account for gifts through a PayPal account?

If these are not options, then you would be wise to know what your legal options are. I can only suggest that you obtain trucker legal help. Much depends on the legal services plan that you choose, but we recommend hiring a law firm with an attorney skilled in CDL matters. In our experience, some of these plans cost as little as $16 per month for non-pre-existing situations.

We’ll also ask our readers to weigh in on this matter by sharing their knowledge of how to resolve this, especially if they have personally experienced this situation.

Mike and I wish you well in your quest to get this matter resolved. When you have resolution, would you please return to this page and let us know what happened? Thanks in advance.

When you get your CDL and start your career as a professional truck driver, we wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,

Vicki Simons

* This question was originally submitted to us through our Contact Us page.