Nutrition Builds Wellness

By: Dave Zuro,
Crestwood, IL

Health and Wellness IdeaNote: The following submission has been edited to remove promotional plugs.


The constant strain to meet appointment delivery times as a trucker can have a large impact on the diet. Everyday thousands of truck drivers are stressed as they handle these 18 wheelers. Proper nutrition is essential to every truck driver. However, when it is nearly impossible to eat quality, nutritionally BALANCED food, it is important to supplement your diet with

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You wouldn’t put the wrong oil or fuel in your truck, don’t do the same with your body. give your body what it needs, powerful, effective balanced nutrition

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Response from Vicki:

Hi, Dave,

Thanks for sharing. Yes, you’re correct. It is difficult for professional truck drivers to be balanced in their diets.

We see health and wellness as inter-related and have numerous articles about this topic on our site. For example, it is also difficult for drivers to find time to exercise, so we have a page on our site about physical exercises, even those that drivers can do right in their seats.

We also have a growing number of pages on our site about food and recipes that drivers can prepare right in their trucks. Some require cooking, others do not.

Once when we were at the headquarters of a trucking company for which Mike used to work, we got into a conversation with a man who had been an owner-operator for 30+ years. We were discussing food and recipes and meal preparation — especially how we keep cold foods cold and cook foods in Mike’s company-issued truck.

We figured that since he had been an O-O for so long, he probably had a well-developed system of preparing meals in his truck. We asked him how he had his truck outfitted to eat food. He said that he didn’t have any of the stuff that we did. I was so amazed, I asked him what he ate. He confessed that he eats a lot of fiber bars!

Well, if that worked for him, OK. But we prefer to have a more well-rounded diet.

It is interesting that over time, the U.S. federal government has changed its food pyramid several times. Up until June 2011, it had adopted a food pyramid to describe a balanced diet. Then in June 2011, it restructured the food nutrition guidelines in the USDA’s “MyPlate” program: A review of the information may help some drivers to evaluate their diets and change them if necessary.

For what it’s worth, we don’t like having to edit what our readers submit, but we don’t permit promotional plugs for products or services from readers through our website. (Some promotional plugs we have deleted entirely.) We do allow product reviews and service reviews and reviews of truck stops and truck parts. When the time is right, we will begin to accept paid advertising — at our discretion. Thanks for understanding.

Thanks again for sharing. On behalf of Mike and me, we wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons