Out Of Service Made Out Great! (TVC Review)

By: Daniel Burbank,
Moultonborough, NH

Services Review InvitationI was on 81 south just below Hazelton, Pa. and the lights were flashing at a remote Dot stop, so I pulled down in. I had a previous level one inspection done 5 days prior to that in NY, so I still had the paper work from that stop the DOT cop had such an attitude and told me ” That’s NY this is Pa. we do things different” I knew then this guy was going to be a ****head! He asked for my log book and registration and cruiser. He than proceeded to tear my truck apart he even measured my straps for wear. After about an hour of this donkey he came to the wind and I said ” am I all set?” He said no and to get out of the vehicle and he that he was putting me out of service for 10 hours for failure to log into my log book on the 12th of May! I looked at it and realized that I forgot to put the 12th in because I was attending my daughter-in laws graduation that day and told him I made a mistake and I will correct it! Nope you won’t and made me sit by the road for 10 HOURS! I was pissed of and started running my mouth, but that wasn’t helping the cause. I then told them that I needed to go to the bathroom and they handed me a roll of paper towels and said go in the woods! Anyway while I was sitting beside the road for hours I was searching the internet for help I couldn’t believe I was being treated like this! I found TVC and boy was I glad I did! When they finally wen to court it was reduced to a ticket that was equivalent to a parking ticket and a $50 fine vs a $605 fine! Plus it didn’t go on my record! So I don’t know what all the negative comments are about but I give them two thumbs up!

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