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Pet Travel Money Saving TipsI have a small dog (Min-Pin) “LUCY” that is my travel companion. She has been traveling with me for about a year since I rescued her from the Min Pin Society.

I work in the North East and am home on the weekends. I am going to list a few tips and a little advise concerning pets in trucks.

1. Plan on paying a pet fee to the company you work for most companies charge between $250.00 – $500.00 to have a pet in the truck. This cost is to cover in cab air filters which suck up the hair and cleaning of the truck after you turn in your truck.

2. Most important clean your truck regularly and clean the in cab filters. The locations of the in cab filters locations are listed in the vehicle owner’s manual and can be easily removed and vacuumed.

3. If you choose to have a pet in the truck a small pet is best as larger pets take up more room and have little area to move around and can be a distraction if they are in the passenger seat.

4. Train your pet to ride. I placed a dog bed in between the seat’s back towards the bunk and that is where “Lucy” rides. She does not get up on the seats unless I am out of the truck then she will sit on the driver seat. She does not get on the passenger seat. When it is bed time she does sleep with me but that is the only time she is up on the bed.

5. I keep a container of water in front on the floor of the passenger seat and she is free to drink anytime she wants. I feed her when I am on my break.

6. The most important thing I can offer is “keep your pet on a leash when out of the truck.” I have never had a problem at shipper or receiver taking my pet to a grassy area to use the bathroom or walk her for exercise. I have found that I also get exercise as well.

7. Do not get a pet if you are not going to take the time to train it to be obedient.

Response from Vicki:


Thank you for sharing some valuable tips for professional truck drivers who are considering pet travel, that is, taking pets with them in their trucks, and giving some pointers for those who already do.

We had never before thought about the need to change the in-cab filters on a truck more often because of pet hair (except perhaps for low-shedding breeds), but then again, there is a good bit of hair that some dog owners have to clean up after their pets at home, so it only makes sense.

We are intrigued by your choice of a Miniature Pinscher (Min Pin) for a traveling companion. According to a bit of research we have done, this breed of dog has “high energy.” How do you keep Lucy “calm” or “occupied” in the truck while you drive? How does she spend her time if not in the passenger seat?

Also, how do you keep your dog comfortable in all seasons? Do you have an APU on your truck or would you recommend that drivers who have pets get one for climate control?

Finally, what ways have you been able to save money on pet care and needs out on the road?

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

We wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons