RoadPro Portable Stove

by Chris
(Ontario,Canada )

Review This Productgot this unit approx. 2 years ago been using it constantly ever since cookin everything from the frozen lasagna to steak and potatoes. I usually buy the disposable pans at the local store when buying my “road food ” and then transferring the food into them when i get home and then wrapping them in tinfoil (if the product was frozen). This stove has saved me hundreds of dollars because of its ability to just plug it in and drive along ,as i have said i cook everything in it I have since bought a second unit to cook up “side dishes” to go with my food,IE garlic bread to go with the lasagna. I would buy this product in a heartbeat if the units i have ever fail the older 1 i have is approx. 2 yrs and counting. the only thing i have a problem with is the smells of home cookin fillin the truck as I count the mile markers. excellent product made right and trucker tuff