Sam’s Cream Of Ramin

By: sam,
richmond KY

Food and Recipes Ideaitems needed for this
are 1 pack ramin noodles any flavor or 2 if really hungry
1/2 can cream of mushroom soup or sub with cream of broccoli
1 bag of pre-cooked meat balls i usually buy mine from the dollar store made by tony’s & option to add frozen or caned mixed veggies

to make is simple
take ramin and make your normal way in a microwave with broth use medium plastic bowl
add half can cream of what ever soup your using
take thawed pre-cooked meatballs break apart and add to ramin /soup mix then there you have it cream of ramin

option 2 using a slow cooker add 2 ramin packs using the spices
1 full can cream of what ever soup plus 1/2 cup water crumbled meat balls mixed veggies (optional) set on low 4 hours bam dinner or lunch is done

or cooking option 3 using the road pro or Burton lunchbox style cooker add dry ramin noodles use what ever insert you have for your cooker(cause i don’t want to hear complaints )what ever cream soup your choose to use (mushroom works best)1/2 can with (optional 1/4 cup water to thin out soup) then add crumpled meat balls (also optional to add frozen or caned mixed veggies..) cook 15 -25 mins or till noodles are soft then eat
Recipe can be adjusted to feed 1 person or a whole family