Vu Qube V10

By: doodad,

Review This ProductInstallation was easy. I used the adhesive mounting bracket as my company would not allow me to drill holes in their truck. It uses the same glue as was used to hold the tiles on the bottom of the space shuttle. There have been no issues with the bracket loosening in several years. It is best suited for Direct TV due to the fact that they have only one satellite to tune in whereas Dish has two. Regretfully, the Pilots have stopped carrying them.I got my first one free and the other two for half price or less using my Pilot payback points. After saying that, They were worth the price. Also they can be a tax deductible item. As I have had 3 in approximately as many years, the life of these dishes on a truck is an issue. When they work, they work great. A cheap compass from WalMart will tell you where south is and make tune in as fun as playing a video game. Only a couple of minutes and then wait for the channel to come on. When you can no longer tune them in it is not worth sending them in for a free under warranty repair. They never work longer than two months after repair. My first Vuqube lasted over a year. The second lasted 2 months. King Controls should have sent me a new one but would not. The third one started having a problem just prior to running out of warranty and worked approximately 14 months before becomming untunable. They do not seem to be able to take the beating a truck puts on them. In my opinion they should not be sold for use on trucks without full disclosure as to their short lifespan. King Controls is fully aware of this problem but I do not see them making any improvements to correct it.