Fuel Island Review Pilot South Carolina Summerville

This “Fuel Island Review Pilot South Carolina Summerville” is a review of the fuel island at the Pilot Travel Center in Summerville, SC, USA. The contents of this review have been sent through the form on our Fuel Island Review page.

The questions answered below were preceded with grading instructions like this: “On a scale of 5 (high) to 1 (low)…” with this grading scale:

  • “5” is excellent;
  • “4” is very good;
  • “3” is average or ok;
  • “2” is unsatisfactory and needs attention;
  • “1” is poor and needs immediate corrective action; and
  • “N/A” means not applicable.

Unless the reviewer so noted in a text block at the bottom of the form, a specific bay is not identified because we figure that what goes at one bay at a facility will generally be true at all of them.

Fuel Island Review Pilot South Carolina Summerville

Reviewer: Mike Simons
Country: United States
Reviewer is a…: Company Driver
Reviewer’s total years of professional driving experience: 10.5
Name and location of truck stop fuel island being reviewed: Pilot Travel Center, Summerville, SC, I-26, exit 199B
Date fueled at this location: August 9, 2010
How did you come to fuel at this location: Company-supplied fuel solution
How did you pay for your fuel: Comdata
How long was your wait to get fuel: Less than 10 minutes

Grading categories: Fuel Island Review Pilot South Carolina Summerville

Was the fuel island area of your bay clean, devoid of fuel and oil on ground? 3
Were the trash barrels empty or had little trash in them? 5
Was the fuel pump in good working order such that it delivered fuel in a timely manner? 3
Were the card reader and keypad in good working order? 5
Did the transaction require NO additional action from you inside the facility? 5
Were there sufficient paper towels for checking oil or cleaning? 5
Was windshield washing fluid present, sufficiently clean and having soap in it for cutting grease and bug guts? 5
Was there a long handled squeegee with both sides in good working order for reaching your truck windshield without having to get up on the truck? 5
Was there a water spigot WITH hose present and in good working order? 5
Was there an air hose with commercial truck tire pressure was available on at least every other bay? 3
Were bays with ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel) well marked? N/A
If you had to go inside, what was the friendliness and courtesy of facility staff, combined with wait time? N/A

Fuel Island Review Pilot South Carolina Summerville

Categories being graded at this facility: 10
Total points for all categories: 44
Grade for fuel island at this facility (points/categories): 4.4

Was there anything else noteworthy about your fuel island experience?:

I came to this truck stop for two reasons, first to scale out, then to fuel. This location is extremely poorly laid out with less than a dozen legal parking spaces max. A number of vehicles were clearly parked in the “No Parking” zone right after entering the facility, making it harder to turn in.

After one pulls off the scale, unless one is lucky enough to get one of the few parking spaces, one literally has to pull around the facility and come back in (assuming there is no back up at the fuel bays).

There are only 5 fuel bays and on the night I came through, one of them had bags over the fuel pumps (indicating they weren’t working) but there was no other sign (like a barrel or trash can in the middle of the bay) to indicate that it was not working. As it was “open” when I came through, I had the unfortunate experience to pull through the out-of-order bay. So, I had to pull around the facility and back in to the entrance for the third time.

Additional comments::

In my opinion, this truck stop location is a “hole.” May Pilot never build another truck stop like this one again!

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