Truck Stop Fuel Island Review Form for Professional Truckers

While we have written many a truck stop fuel island review, if you’re a professional truck driver, we invite you to write one of your own.

Write a truck stop fuel island review.Just fill in the form below and submit.

By writing a review, you help other drivers know what you considered to be the value of your fueling experience.


Chances are good that when you stop at a truck stop to get fuel, you may be interested in getting a shower and spending money on other things, like something to eat, an accessory for your truck, or a personal item.

If theΒ fuel islands are kept up well, you may have increased confidence that other things at that location are also kept up well and that management values you, their customer.

You may be tempted to spend your money there instead of at another location.

If the fueling area is not well maintained, what else in the facility should you pass by?

You may be familiar with the wording found in many a company’s prospectus, “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.”

If you had a less-than-desirable experience this time — and you took the time to submit a review on this page — the facility may take your
ideas to heart and make things better in the future for all of us.

Remember, if you see a review on this site with which you disagree, you are free to submit one of your own.

Large trucks getting fuel at a truck stop.

Yes, the truck stop chains are reading what we’re publishing on our site so that they can work to make their fueling areas better.

All reviews of truck stop fuel islands, restaurants and showers published on this site are linked from our truck stop reviews page.

We ask for the same detail in our review form as we put in our own reviews.

We greatly appreciate your powers of observation about your specific fueling location and your willingness to report it within 24 hours of your experience, preferably sooner.

  • Did you have a really great experience? Write it down and let us know.
  • Was your experience really horrible? Write it down and let us know.
  • Did you see something that needs management’s attention? Write it down and let us know.

We personally try to be even handed in our reviews and we ask you to do
the same.

From our perspective, there is always room for improvement, as evidenced by the fact that we’ve never given a truck stop fuel island review grade of all “5” (excellent) ratings.

But even as bad as some fueling locations have been, we’ve never given one all “1” (poor and needs immediate corrective action) ratings either.

We look forward to reading your review and publishing it soon! (As always, we value your privacy and will not publish your email address.)

Thanks in advance,

Mike and Vicki Simons

Please note that we will publish only those reviews that are sent within 24 hours of fueling at the location.

All reviews must have complete dates (month, day and year).



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