The Mud Flap Jack: Reviews by Professional Truck Drivers

Front of The Mud Flap Jack card from 2012 Mid America Trucking Show.A card on The Mud Flap Jack® was one of the pieces of literature Vicki picked up when she attended the 2012 Mid America Trucking Show.

According to the card (an image of the front of which is shown here), this product is “The original air operated mud flap lift” and helps prevent losing money and time due to lost mud flaps.

Other features of this product may be described as:

  • Automatic raising of flaps when truck is in reverse;
  • Helping eliminate lost equipment in numerous locations like loading docks;
  • By eliminating replacement of this part, increasing profitability and productivity; and
  • Increasing driver safety.

Vicki took the liberty of checking the cost of replacing these truck parts.

Branded products for Freightliner, International and Mack are sold on (with whom we have an affiliate relationship), several items of which are shown below.

(Note: At the time this page was first published, we were unable to find branded products for Peterbilt or Kenworth on

As of January 2013, each of these black polyurethane products sells for $49.99.

As of December 2015, the price of these products had jumped to $79.99!

Not only is there the cost of the flap itself to be considered, but any “weight” on the bottom that may become damaged or lost.

Obviously, “company drivers” will never need to pay for this kind of product out of their own pockets; but owner-operators need to be concerned about every part of their trucks.

If you are a professional truck driver and you have used The Mud Flap Jack® within the
last 6 months, we invite you to review it through the form below
, answering questions such as these:

  • Prior to getting this product, how many “anti-spray devices” had you lost off your truck?
  • In what kinds of locations had you lost this kind of equipment off your truck?
  • On average, how much did it cost to replace the targeted truck parts on your truck?
  • After installing the product, did you return to the same locations where you had been before?
  • How well did the product work?
  • Did the installation or use of the product damage your mud flaps in any way?
  • Do you feel that the product is worth what you paid for it?
  • Would you buy the product again?

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