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Instructional Technologies, Inc. Introduces Trip Planning training program

Vancouver, WA – January 12, 2011 — In this economy, with the price of diesel fuel skyrocketing, trip planning is more
important than ever. Effective trip planning can help save both time and money on the road. To help professional drivers succeed, Instructional Technologies Inc., (ITI) announces the release of Trip Planning Interactive Training.

ITI’s Trip Planning is the ideal in-cab training resource for successful trip planning, covering the essential topics of
taxes, state restrictions, and record keeping. It also provides drivers with basic comprehensive tools such as map reading and time calculations which are necessary for planning a safe, viable and profitable long haul trip.

“With the current economic conditions, the emphasis on efficient trip planning is greater than ever,” said Nathan Stahlman,
Director Product Development. “One of the keys to success is having knowledgeable drivers, and that’s why Trip Planning was created. The tools in this program” he said, “give professional drivers the confidence and clarity they need to get to their destination safely, on time and on budget.”

Unlike the more traditional video and workbook training, ITI’s Trip Planning, along with their other Pro-TREAD lessons, can be
accessed by the driver anywhere with an internet connection, and is now also available on personal mobile devices.

About Instructional Technologies, Inc.

Instructional Technologies, Inc. stands alone at the top of the truck driver training market. Today they dominate the
computer-based training market for the US and Canadian trucking industries, with their groundbreaking training programs, Pro-TREAD and Pro-TREAD In-Cab. With a constantly growing and thoroughly updated menu of over 70 interactive lessons, they train on average 70,000 drivers and warehouse workers every month. Over 3,000,000 lessons have been taken to date. More information can be found at

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News Release 2011 01 12 Instructional Technologies

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