CVSA Roadcheck Can Be Expensive for Truckers

Whether in anticipation of CVSA Roadcheck or not, professional truck drivers should always be prepared for an inspection of their commercial motor vehicles and their logs (paper or electronic).

CVSA Roadcheck can be expensive for truckers.To not be prepared means that a lot of money can be wasted fast!


An Adjustment in Time Could Have Saved $660!

Previously, we wrote about how a trucking company sent “money down the drain” because the person in charge of truck operations did not take seriously the word of a professional truck driver about getting his company truck’s brakes adjusted before a Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance event.

Instead of spending $40 to get the rig’s brakes adjusted ahead of time, it cost them $700 to get the brakes adjusted during the event.

What if you were an owner-operator — responsible for your own truck’s maintenance — and that happened to you? That would be money straight down the drain.


Brakes Aren’t The Only Items Inspected

A truck’s brakes aren’t the only things that are inspected during International Roadcheck.

CVSA has an annual Operation Airbrake/Brake Safety Week, too.

However, an awful lot of truck brakes are found to be out of adjustment during the 3-day Roadcheck event.





Truckers Are Responsible For Their Rigs

Professional truck drivers are the ones who must be satisfied that their rigs are safe to operate.

If you find that your truck is not safe to operate, you must not operate it!

One trucker ended up having to put his company-owned truck out of service for that reason.

You may also want to review the terms under which you were hired.

One trucker complained that his trucking company changed their company handbook to include a condition of employment that any driver who was cited for a preventable DOT inspection violation while driving them would face “disciplinary actions”!

Don’t let this happen to you!


Where Can You Learn More?

You may learn more about CVSA Roadcheck.


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