Shower Review Pilot Connecticut Milford

This “Shower Review Pilot Connecticut Milford” is a review of the shower facility at the Pilot Travel Center in Milford, CT, USA, based upon our own expectations of what a shower facility that caters to professional truck drivers of commercial motor vehicles should be like, our own preferences (especially in comparison to a home bathroom), and our observations.

Shower Review Pilot Connecticut Milford

Date: 6/13/2010

Location: Pilot Travel Center, Milford, CT, I-95, exit 40

Overall Facility: Shower Review Pilot Connecticut Milford

  • Showers assigned automatically via kiosk
  • Keyless entry via keypad (code on printout from kiosk)
  • Able to get more towels from attendant
  • Shower number being called can be heard in store and seen via display
  • Notice taped on kiosk specifically stated no co-driver showers.
  • Shower is free with minimum 50 gallon purchase of fuel from a Pilot Travel Center anywhere in the nation within the last 5 days.

Shower #3

Pros: Shower Review Pilot Connecticut Milford

  • A small packet of soap was waiting for us in the room.
  • Plenty of counter space at sink
  • Fan worked well
  • Mirror was well positioned on wall behind sink for both short and tall drivers
  • A light over the mirror allowed male customers to shave without getting nicked.
  • Water pressure from sink was good
  • Electrical outlets worked well
  • Shower could be turned on and temperature selected without getting wet
  • Door restrictor worked well
  • Towels were thick and thirsty, like beach towels
  • Washcloths were sufficiently thick
  • Toilet flushed well
  • Mike said that the toilet paper dispenser’s position on the wall did not crowd him when seated on the toilet.
  • Shower water pressure dipped only momentarily when a toilet was flushed.
  • There was no discernible change in shower water temperature when a toilet was flushed.
  • There were 3 towel hooks on the wall behind the door and one right outside the shower stall.

Cons: Shower Review Pilot Connecticut Milford

  • Even though the fan worked well, its air flow — even when directed right at the mirror — was not enough to keep the mirror from fogging up when a customer was getting a shower.
  • There was a significant amount of mold or mildew along the grout in the shower stall, particularly along the ceiling and wall near the ceiling right as a user stepped into the shower stall.
  • Showerhead was almost too high for a short driver to position. Vicki had to stand on the raised lip of the shower stall — on her tiptoes — to reach it and it was still a stretch.
  • Shower water pressure was almost too hard (not quite up to “sand blaster” pressure but close).
  • Built-in seat was not large enough for an oversized shower bag to rest on.
  • Shower water splashed out of the stall.

Overall Grade

Overall grade for this shower at this facility on a scale of A+ to F- (with A+ being the best, F- being the worst): B

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