Shower Review Pilot Tennessee Knoxville

This “Shower Review Pilot Tennessee Knoxville” is a review of the shower facility at the Pilot Travel Center in Knoxville, TN, USA.

The content has been submitted through our truck stop shower review form and formatted.

Driver Info and Shower Info Overview: Shower Review Pilot Tennessee Knoxville

First Name: Mike
Last Name: Simons
Country: United States
You are a…: Company Driver
How many total years of professional driving experience do you have? (Please put fractions in decimals, such as 1/2 is 0.5): 10.5
What is the name and location of the truck stop shower you are reviewing? (Example: XYZ Truck Stop, MyTown, MyState, I-### at exit ###): Pilot Travel Center,
Knoxville, TN,
I-40, exit 398
(Strawberry Plains)
On what date did you have this truck stop shower (month, day, year)?: August 10, 2010
How did you pay for this truck stop shower?: Free with minimum fuel purchase
How long was your wait for this shower?: No waiting
How were showers assigned?: Automatically via kiosk
What shower number did you have?: 7

Shower Room Overview: Shower Review Pilot Tennessee Knoxville

Did you need to see the attendant and did the attendant meet your needs quickly?: Yes, I needed to see the attendant and my needs were met quickly
What special attributes did the shower room have?: No special attributes
How would you rate the cleanliness of the shower room upon your arrival?: Very clean, as in new/pristine
What was the level of dust on the top of light fixtures, air vents and fan?: None
What was waiting for your use/enjoyment in the shower room upon your arrival?: Towel,
What was the quality of the bath towel(s)?: Thick and thirsty like a beach towel
How many towel hooks were in the room and where were they?: 3,
On wall behind door
How was the mirror?: Clean upon arrival,
Positioned well for tall and short drivers,
A light was over it,
Did not fog up during my shower
How was the fan in the room?: Fan worked well and was adjustable
How was the humidity in the room?: Comfortable
How was the temperature in the room?: Slightly cool
How were the electrical outlets?: Worked well

Shower Specifics: Shower Review Pilot Tennessee Knoxville

How was the shower designed?: I could turn on the water without getting wet,
Shower head was pointed to minimize water splattering outside stall,
There was neither a shower door nor a shower curtain ,
There was a light in the shower and it worked well,
I did not feel cramped in the shower stall
How was the shower water temperature and pressure?: Water temperature and water pressure could not be controlled independently,
Water temperature fluctuated a lot,
Water pressure fluctuated slightly
How did you find the shower head and spray?: Spray width was just right,
Shower head was like one used in a home,
Shower head was too high to be adjusted by short users

Shower Room Specifics: Shower Review Pilot Tennessee Knoxville

Was counter space near the sink or space on back of sink adequate?: Yes, it was adequate
Did you feel cramped while sitting on the toilet?: Yes, the toilet paper dispenser was too close
Was the toilet clean (nothing in bowl and no debris on surface) and did it flush well?: Yes, clean and flushed well
How was any seat in the room?: The seat was built-in and too small for an oversized shower bag
Was there a blow dryer in the room?: No
Was there a letter from the manager in the room thanking you for your business?: No
Was there any mold or mildew in the room (such as on the grout in the shower stall)?: Yes, a little
What locks or restrictors were on the door?: None

Notes, Grade, Recommendation, Comments: Shower Review Pilot Tennessee Knoxville

Was there anything else noteworthy about your shower experience?:
Based on your personal expectations, what grade would you give to this shower facility and your shower experience today (A+ is best; F- is worst)?: A-
Based on your experience today, would you recommend this shower facility to other professional drivers?: Maybe
Additional comments:: The knob to turn the water on in the shower stall was so tightly turned off that Vicki had trouble turning it on.
The tiles in the shower stall were comfortable to stand on.
It is obvious that this shower room has been renovated sometime in the not too distant past.
Shower water temperature warmed significantly whenever someone flushed a toilet.
There had been a working door restrictor on the door at one time, but part of it had been removed.
The amount of toilet paper in the dispenser was almost completely zero on both rolls.

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