TDMST Weekly Round-Up 2022.11.26

This is the TDMST Weekly Round-Up of news affecting professional truck drivers, written by Vicki Simons for the week ending November 26, 2022.

We welcome your comments, thoughts and feedback on the items of your choice below.

TDMST Weekly Round-Up

1. Regarding electronic IDs, predictions, economy, theft, holidays, and returns:

Electronic IDs

I wrote and submitted my own thoughts on this topic:

Comments to FMCSA on Electronic Identification of CMVs


Toward the end of every calendar year, there are those who prognosticate the future — and the following articles include some of those predictions.


The following are some of the most recent articles about the economy from the perspective of the trucking industry in the USA:


While most of the articles in this section address potential cargo theft over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, the principles apply all year long.



2. Regarding fuel, autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and emissions:


Autonomous vehicles

With every fiber of my being, I oppose driverless, self-driving, and autonomous commercial motor vehicles on the same roads as the motoring public.

However, I share these articles as a courtesy to help you stay current with the topic.

Electric vehicles


3. Regarding accidents, fatalities, spills, lazy, and alcohol:


Please familiarize yourself with the types of accidents described in the articles that follow so that you can avoid being involved in a similar one.


We extend our deepest sympathies to the families of those who passed away.


While the 3 “spills” were violations of the Clean Water Act, if you read the article, you will see that the spills were not deliberate, but all of the stemmed from a larger issue of trucks that “overturned down an embankment”.

If the company fixes the problem with overturned trucks, they will more than likely fix the problem with spilled raw milk.


In the article in this section, the driver of a 4-wheeled pick-up truck decided not to clear off the snow before starting to drive.

Watch out for these types of vehicles and drivers.


4. Regarding inspections, brokerage, fines, violations, and fraud:


If you keep yourself and your truck in perpetual readiness for an inspection, you’ll never be caught off-guard.





5. Regarding last mile, layoffs, rates, and shortage:

Last miles


Watch out for year-end layoffs and filings for bankruptcy.

Keep yourself in perpetual readiness for being laid off and needing to get back home.

Please see our article:

Your Emergency Fund Protects You from Unexpected Expenses, Loss



6. Regarding HVUT, loyalty program, maintenance, and operating costs:


Loyalty program


Operating costs

7. Regarding operations, roads, parking, reckless training, and personal conveyance:


Don’t tailgate!

You may want to read our article:

Stop Tailgating and Following Too Closely with Your Big Truck



Reckless training

I saw this video on Facebook and wrote the following comment under the post and then on our TDMST Facebook page (with slight reformatting here):

Dear Continental Truck Driver Training & Education School,

By not having anyone *in* the driver’s seat with his/her foot *on* the brake pedal, you’re encouraging reckless actions of drivers of commercial motor vehicles!

Unless there’s a remote control setting on the tractor which I can’t see, there are only two ways for the truck to be moving:
1. Either the tractor is in reverse gear;
2. Or the tractor is out of gear altogether.

In both of these scenarios, an entire rig that is not remotely controlled won’t stop unless and until someone jumps in the driver’s seat and presses the brake pedal.

If a truck is being backed on a decline, the rig will pick up speed going downhill.

Plus, your video ended too soon.

We didn’t get to see:
– either what stopped the truck;
– or what happened to the building behind where the truck was being backed.

In my opinion, you’ve just encouraged bad actions from “CDL Drivers”!


Please note that we do **NOT** recommend such actions from truckers!!!

Personal conveyance

8. Regarding ports, railroad strike, supply chain, and sustainable:


When I saw the third article in this section below, I burst out laughing!

As I wrote in my January 8, 2022, TDMST Weekly Round-Up about the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports’ horrible logjam of ships waiting to be serviced there:

…Motivated people have gone to other ports, such as those on the east coast!

Innovative people don’t put up with bad service, but rather find another service provider or come up with their own solution!

So now, those ports are being bypassed.

While this situation is specific to ports, please apply the principle to your job and career in the trucking industry.

When you do an excellent job, you have earned the right to ask for more business.

If you do a sloppy job, you have “earned” the right to be replaced!

Railroad strike

This situation drags on…

Supply chain


9. Regarding winter, safety, seat belt, and healthcare:



Seat belt

This infographic shares the following statistic (capitalization preserved):

In 2020 alone, NEARLY HALF of all drivers and occupants not wearing a seat belt in fatal crashes died.

Please don’t think you can outsmart the laws of physics.


10. Regarding trucks, tolls, testing, and technology:





11. Regarding switch driver types, tax credits, and moonlighting:

Switch driver types

  • Some Owner-Operators Return to Fleets (link no longer online)

Some truckers are leaving the business of trucking, but not the occupation, which shows that reverting to being a company driver is not the worst thing in the world.

Tax credits


Other truckers may want something that they can do from the cabs of their trucks over the long-term.

12. Regarding food drives, freebies, and Giving Tuesday:

Food drives


We recognize those who give back to truckers. 🙂

Giving Tuesday

My husband Mike and I wish you — and all professional truck drivers — safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

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