Transflo Express Document Scanning Service: A Trucker Review

When Mike Simons drove regionally, he often used a Transflo Express document scanning service to scan in the paperwork. Review of Transflo Scanning Service.

This is his review of the service.

He used the service to scan in a cover sheet, bills of lading, scale tickets, and other pertinent sheets so that his company would have it more quickly than sending in the hard copies.

His use of this service served two purposes:

  • Allowing the company to collect revenue more quickly and
  • Allowing Mike to be paid in a timely manner.

Preparing to Scan

A pad of blank sheets for scanning in documents to expedite payment.His trucking company provided him (and each of their drivers) with a company-specific pad of cover sheets so that when the paperwork was scanned in, the information would be sent electronically to them.

Background Information

Transflo ExpressTransflo Express self-serve kiosks like the one shown here are common at truck stops.

Some truck stops had set-ups where the scanning device was behind the counter top, such that a driver had to have a cashier scan in each paper.

Mike preferred scanning in his own paperwork and not having to bother a truck stop employee (who was usually already busy).

Whenever Mike handed over paperwork to be scanned to a clerk, he stated the number of pages to be scanned, so that the clerk would know if each one was properly processed.

Self-Serve Scanning

Transflo ExpressThe scanning device works a bit like an automated copier where each sheet is fed through a slot.

Instead of making a hard copy, it made a scan of the page.

Each page had its own scan.

Mike was very particular about making sure that pages were scanned “straight” (instead of at an angle).

Transflo ExpressUpon completion of each page in the trip’s paperwork, Mike would designate the completion of the scan and the device would generate a scan confirmation slip like a receipt.

A different document scanning service available at some truck stops prints out scan confirmations on adhesive-backed labels. After peeling the backing off, the label was affixed to the cover sheet in the blank space near the bottom.

After the Scan

Stack of paperwork representing a load, scanned in with a confirmation slip from Transflo Express, all stapled together at the top.When the scanning was completed, he stapled the whole pack of papers together in the upper left hand corner with the printed scan confirmation “receipt” on top.

He would then keep the stapled batch in his aluminum forms holder for a number of weeks just in case there was ever a question.

After about two months, Mike could remove older paperwork to make room for newer trips’ papers.

Mike also checked the paperwork against his weekly settlement sheet to make sure that he had been paid for everything he was supposed to be paid for on that trip (including reimbursable expenses).

Timely Payment

Mike’s at-that-time trucking company usually paid the drivers on the basis of the scanned paperwork.

As long as the document scanning service was used before the deadline for the week, he could usually expect to be paid for that trip that week.

By processing paperwork from trips in a timely manner, Mike could expect timely payment for his work in delivering the load that the paperwork represented.

Perhaps you have had times in your career when payment you anticipated did not arrive when you expected it and you had to shuffle around some financial obligations.

This can create stress for drivers.


Transflo ExpressMike highly recommends Transflo Express document scanning service. He is not the only one who is convinced of the efficacy of their document scanning service.

A May 17, 2012 article indicated that Fikes Truck Line, a flatbed carrier with 300 drivers, has now implemented their service.

According to the article, “Document scanning is available from more than 850 truck stops nationwide.”

Transflo Express is offered by Pegasus TransTech. You can learn more about their service on their website.

How The Name Is Spelled

Note: Even though it sounds the same, the spelling of the name of the service is not “Transflow Express” but “Transflo Express” (without the trailing “w”).

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