Review of Turkey Bacon as a Low Fat Alternative to Pork Bacon

If you like meat with your breakfast, turkey bacon is a low fat alternative to the regular pork variety. Turkey Bacon

We have tried various brands and prefer the Oscar Mayer brand for the reasons we will explain.

This is also the brand shown in the photos on this page.

Turkey Bacon: Number of Slices Per Package and Cost

Each package that we have purchased contains about 20-22 slices.

Since we serve the cooked meat so that Mike eats two slices and Vicki has one for a meal, we can generally make the package last over 7 meals.

Also, we purchased each package in 2009 for about $2.50, meaning that the cost of each slice was about $0.11 to $0.12.

At 3 slices per meal for us, that works out to $0.36 or less for the meat. Not a bad deal.

Turkey Bacon Photo Gallery

Oscar Mayer turkey bacon in an electric skillet, just after it has been removed from the package.It is particularly important to us for both health and clean-up reasons to have a meat product with less grease run-off.

If you have ever cooked up regular pork bacon, you know there is a lot of grease.

Not so with turkey bacon.

There is practically no grease run-off.

If Vicki fixes a gravy from the grease, she really has to work at it.

In this photo, you see the meat in the electric skillet just after it has been taken out of the package.

Oscar Mayer turkey bacon after it has been browned to our liking and ready to be removed from the skillet.

According to the package, the meat is already “fully cooked,” but we prefer to cook it anyway.

In this photo, it has been browned to our liking and is ready to be removed from the skillet.

When we cook the product, we note that it does not curl as it cooks.

It cooks as evenly as the heat source; it browns nicely; it can be cooked, cooled, refrigerated and re-heated.

Placing the browned turkey bacon on paper towels.In this photo, Vicki places the browned slices on paper towels so that the small amount of grease can be absorbed, not consumed.

She uses 3 “half-sheet” paper towels, folded, for each of the 7-slice batches per package.

Three slices of previously cooked turkey bacon are reheated to eat with scrambled eggs.In this photo, three slices of turkey bacon are reheated after scrambled eggs are close to being completely cooked as we like them.

We have tried the Oscar Mayer brand, the Butterball brand and a store brand of turkey bacon.

We definitely prefer the Oscar Mayer brand’s flavor.

We personally eat this foodstuff with breakfast, but it can probably also be used in BLT (bacon-lettuce-tomato) sandwiches.

Before and after heating turkey bacon on a waffle iron.During those times that we’ve had waffles for breakfast and didn’t want to dig out or use another appliance to reheat the meat, we have done so on the waffle iron!

These photos show the meat before and after reheating on this appliance.

According to Kraft’s website, each slice of their turkey bacon has 35 calories.(1)

We would have figured that with less fat, there would be more protein per slice than 2 grams.

For the health conscious, please read the list of ingredients, particularly the preservatives.

truck drivers money saving tip iconMoney saving tip: Turkey bacon is less fatty than regular pork bacon, which is of concern to those who are watching their weight.

An overweight person can experience a higher rate of health related issues, thus incurring greater costs.

Furthermore, this product can be considered a decent value for the money.

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