TVC – They Did Nothing, But Charge Money

By: Arnold,
Kenosha, WI

Services Review InvitationThis service seamed to me very convenient. Small monthly payment and your problems in court solved. But they do nothing except charging money.

I had a rear collision in Taylor, TX and I thought “how lucky I am, having this service!”. I send them ticket, accident report and thought my problem should be taken care of. But I got court letter with $650 fine and note, that said “nobody appear at the court”.

I call TVC, they told me “We had not enough time to prepare the case and assure me they going to send a lawyer to second court session for sure.

After couple weeks I receive another court letter noticing me that my driver license will be suspended and arrest warrant will be issued in 10 days, because nobody appeared in the court again.

First thing I did – cancel this “service” and pay my fine to save my driver license and my ass from jail.

This is nothing, but scam! They should be banned for fooling drivers and ripping their hard earned money. Stay away from these crooks, folks and tell your friends and colleagues to do so!