Deduct Wages

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Truckers Services IdeaCan a trucking company deduct wages from a trucker’s paycheck to pay for a red light ticket? That’s the basic idea of a question asked.(*)

Response from Vicki:

You may want to contact your trucker legal plan provider or a trucker attorney for in-depth advice on this.

Depending on your contract with a carrier, you may have agreed to pay for fines or tickets that your company received as a result of your employment. Review the fine print of your contract.

It is not reasonable for a trucking company to be stuck with paying for a ticket that a trucker received for running a red light. This should be the trucker’s responsibility. We would like to know why the trucking company ever received the fine or ticket in the first place.

In each and every case where a trucker gets a ticket, we believe that he/she ought to fight it.

Everyone knows that it takes longer for big trucks to stop (longer stopping distance) than it takes four-wheeled vehicles to stop. One article stated that in some cases, the length of yellow lights at key intersections — specifically those with red light cameras (RLCs) — had been shortened in order raise money!

Before it ever gets to the point where an employer has to deduct wages to pay for a red light ticket, see if the ticket can be thrown out or reduced in severity. Remember that it is not just the face value of the ticket that is at stake, but what a moving violation does to
* your CDL,
* your MVR, and
* your personal auto insurance rates.

We wish all truckers success in overturning unjust traffic tickets.

Furthermore, we wish all professional truck drivers safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

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Vicki Simons