Auto Replies to Text Messages and SMS Texts

Can a trucker send auto replies to text messages that he/she receives on his/her mobile device while driving?

Auto replies to text messages and SMS texts.In mid-February 2015, Vicki called a retail establishment to ask a question about an item that she saw for sale online.

Within a short period of time after ending her voice call, she received a text message in response.

She wondered if that had been triggered manually or automatically. So, she went looking for more info…

As it turns out, there are “texting apps” for Android cell phones that can send automatic replies to incoming text messages or SMS texts.

Imagine how handy apps like this would be for all drivers (not just truckers), to keep them from being tempted to either look at or respond to a text that has come in while driving!

On one popular Android app website, Vicki was able to find this type of texting app by using search terms like “auto sms”, “auto reply” and “automatic reply”.

Perhaps these types of apps are also available for iPhones and similar Apple products.

The trick would be to make sure that the app is turned “on” before one drives and turned “off” when one is parked.

If you are a professional truck driver and you use an automatic reply texting app on your cell phone when you drive, would you please suggest the specific one you use on our trucker apps page? Thanks in advance.

truck drivers money saving tip iconMoney saving tip: Never look at your mobile device or cell phone while driving.

Even a split second of inattention while driving can lead to a costly distracted driving accident.

Truckers who are caught texting can be fined $2,750.

Can a free app that provides auto SMS text replies work just as well as a paid app?

If you use one of these Smartphone apps — whether free or paid — please provide a review on our Service Reviews page.

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