Trucker Apps: Money Saving Smartphone Applications

If you are a money-conscious, technologically-savvy trucker, then money saving trucker apps may be of interest to you.

An electronic phone with apps for saving money.When it comes to saving money, there are direct and indirect ways to do it.

We share a lot of direct ways to save money on this site.

Sometimes saving time results in cost savings.

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An example of this is when it takes less time to travel a slightly longer, better flowing truck route as opposed to a shorter, congested one.

Sometimes conveniences result in cost savings through your not having to stop as often to take care of needs.

An example of this is being able to combine your errands at Business A (which has all of the products and services you need) instead of having to visit both Businesses B and C (that together have the products and services you need).

Consider the types of products or services that you as a professional truck driver may need: fuel, food, shower, truck stop store item, fax service, trip envelope drop box or scanning service, truck repair, truck wash, etc.

Truckers Savings App

Our former Truckers Savings App was redesigned with forms to make it super easy to leave truck stop reviews of fuel islands, restaurants, and showers.

A Trucking Magazine’s List

According to the July 2011 issue of Overdrive Magazine, these apps for professional truck drivers (alphabetized here) are especially helpful for Owner-Operators: Continental Truck Tires Dealer Locator, DriveReply, HazRef 2008, iGetLoaded, iLogMiles, ITS Trucker, Mack Dealer Locator, Michelin Truck Tires Locator, Mobile Warrior iDDL, My DAT Truckstop, Pilot store locator, Pocket FuelCal, TQL Freight Finder, Trapster, … Truck Smart, Truck Stop Coupons, Trucker, Trucker Net, Truckster, uDrove, uShip mobile, Winter Chain Laws, and Xata Turnpike Route Tracker.

Their article explained a bit about each one.

Another Trucking Magazine’s List

The November 2011 issue of Truckers News provides its own list (on pages 19-25) of trucker apps (some of which may be free, others paid) by categories, but which we have alphabetized here: Axle Weight Calculator, Continental service locator, Drive Axle, DriveReply, Fuel Surcharge Calculator, HazRef2008, iDDL, iHeartRadio, iLogMiles, Insure My Truck,, Mack Dealer locator, Michelin service locator, Otter, Pandora’s Radio, Pilot Travel Centers’ store locator, PocketFuelCal, Scale It, Sirius XM Internet Radio, See It Ship, Spotify, Trapster, … Travel Centers of America’s TruckSmart, Trucker Tools, Trucker’s Axle Weight Calc, TruckerNet, Truckster, TuneIn, uDrove, Winter Chain Laws, Xata Turnpike RouteTracker and ZoomSafer.

Other Resources

These are other lists of trucker apps we’ve found online:

Our List

We began compiling our own list of truly helpful, family-friendly money saving trucker apps.

These may be free or paid and we’ve marked the ones we know are paid. We’re listing the links we’ve found so you can read about each one.

Disclaimer: Personally, we got Smartphones in February 2012, but don’t rely on any of the apps on this page professionally. We did use one app to find rest areas and truck stops during our trip to and back from the 2012 Truck Driver Social Media Convention, but that was a once-a-year event.

So, we’re relying on two things — our own research and your help — to provide here the premier list of money saving trucker apps. We accept no liability for the accuracy of any information (or lack thereof) generated by the apps listed on this page. At least one app we know of cranks out information that could be used against you, so please use discretion in the ones you use.

This page is a work in progress.

Since our site is the place where you can get and share great money saving tips for truck drivers, here’s what we ask from you:

If you have a better source for an app we’ve listed;
if you know of a hyperlink for an app where one isn’t listed yet;
if there is a money saving trucker app that you just love that we should add to our list;
if we’ve listed an app that should be struck from the list;
if we didn’t list that a particular app costs money (and needs to be marked “paid”); or
if you find that an app is not truly family-friendly,
please let us know through the form below.

Technology being what it is, we’re sure that more time or money saving trucker apps are bound to be developed.

Update: This article says that an analysis found that Android smartphone software tracks every user’s actions and keystrokes.

Update: Overdrive Online said in March 2013: “More and more, owner-operators are leaving their laptops back at the home base and doing business on the road exclusively from their smartphones and tablets.”

Now that you know that, here’s the list…

Trucker App Name Android iPhone/iPad
AroundMe link link
BigRoad link link
BorderPass for US Borders link link
CAT Scales Locator link link
CAT Scales: Weigh My Truck link link
DOT Lookup link link
Drive Axle link link
Equinox link link
Fuelbook link link
HaulHound link link
iLoadFinder link link
iTrucksStops link link
GasBuddy link link
Google Maps link link
Michelin® Truck Tires Locator link link
MileageMeter link link
My DAT Trucker Services link link
Overnight Parking link link
PilotFlying J link link
Recap link link
Road Conditions Pro 1.0.1 link link
TND 510 IntelliRoute 5 link link
Truck & Travel Stops (paid) link link
Truck Manager Pro 2 link link
Truck Paper link link
Truck Stops and Services link link
Trucker (no longer online) (no longer online)
link link
Trucker Tools link link
Trucker Tools (Truck Stop Coupons) link link
TruckerNet link link
Trucker’s Axle Weight Calc link link
Trucking News link link
TruckSmart link link
TruckStop link link
Truck Stops Pro (paid) link link
uFollowit link link
Vehicle Mileage/Expense Log link link

Our thanks go to Sean for suggesting the iPhone link for Truck Stops Pro!

Our thanks go to Kelly for suggesting BigRoad!

Our thanks go to Danny for suggesting uFollowit!

Our thanks go to John for suggesting Truck Manager Pro 2!

Here’s where to suggest, update or comment…

Sources we used to gather hyperlinks:

  • (no longer online
  • (no longer online)

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