Celebrating Milestones

It is an important part of life: celebrating milestones.

Celebrating MilestonesTwo people in my family have birthdays this week.

Each one is a milestone.

Next week (on 1/20/2014), Truck-Drivers-Money-Saving-Tips.com turns 5 years old.

That’s a big milestone for Mike and me.


Goal Setting

Perhaps you have a goal you’ve been stretching to reach.

Along the way, have you set mini-goals for yourself?

Have you rejoiced when you have reached each mini-goal to help spur you on to reach your big goal?

On state versions of GasBuddy (ours is SouthCarolinaGasPrices.com), there are icons that represent two things for members:

  • the number of points you have accumulated and
  • whether or not you have interacted with the site for 90 days in a row or more.

A different color icon is shown up until the 1,000,000 point mark and then all of the icons are red (only the vehicle style changes).


What is Important or Meaningful to You?

Perhaps achieving a certain color vehicle or vehicle style (for having earned a certain number of member points) is important to you.

Perhaps it would be more meaningful to you to win a “New Daily GasBuddy $100 Prize Give-away!”

At any rate, you need to determine what is meaningful to you in celebrating milestones.

Your milestone may be:

  • getting out of debt;
  • making a large purchase; or
  • helping someone achieve a dream come true.

While you’re working on your budget, don’t forget to leave a bit of wobble room for congratulating yourself for a job well done if you deserve it.

Don’t overdo the celebrating, but make your celebration memorable and meaningful.

Doing so will help you to stay motivated to press on.

Note: This article — which was originally written and published on January 13, 2014, by Vicki Simons — was updated slightly in 2018.

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