USA Diesel Fuel Prices at Truck Stop and Travel Center Locations

Getting the lowest diesel fuel prices in order to make the transportation of goods as profitable as possible is a concern for owner-operators and trucking companies alike.

Mike Simons putting diesel fuel into the company tractor he drove regionally.On this page, we have compiled numerous links to help you find the best value, no matter if you have just one truck, or a whole fleet-full.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration publishes a Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update on its site every week.

The price in dollars per gallon, change from a week ago and change from a year ago are listed for the following areas:

  • U.S.,
  • East Coast,
  • New England,
  • Central Atlantic,
  • Lower Atlantic,
  • Midwest,
  • Gulf Coast,
  • Rocky Mountain,
  • West Coast and
  • California.

EIA also supplies Weekly Retail Gasoline and Diesel Prices.

While this information is helpful, we have compiled the following resources (which are mostly chain truck stops) to help you find the lowest prices along your route.


Common Diesel Locations


Additional Resources

Mike Simons putting diesel fuel in a truck that he drove regionally.You may wish to look at our pages on truck fuel economy and saving fuel by using a truck cruise control.

Also, one way to reduce fuel usage is to idle as little as possible.

You may wish to read the information we have on idling, idling costs and idling alternatives.

Please contact us if you know of

  • a facility selling diesel fuel to large trucks that posts its prices online but is not listed here or
  • another way for professional drivers to find the lowest cost on diesel.

We’ll review it for possible inclusion on our website.

The first person, business or organization that provides material of its kind that we add will be credited with the submission.


truck drivers money saving tip iconMoney saving tip: used to provide a form by which you may search for the lowest priced fuel along a route (road or interstate) at various kinds of merchants such as truck stops.

There are also trucker apps to help you locate low diesel fuel prices.

You may work for a company that negotiates the lowest diesel fuel prices for an entire fleet and then assigns a “fuel solution” based on your route from shipper to receiver.

To help reduce everyone’s costs, please obtain fuel at the location given to you.


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