Our Pilot Challenge Magazine Poll Results

If you are a professional driver who voted in our Pilot Challenge Magazine Poll, thank you for voting.

We asked three quick questions and the voting ran from August 13 through August 31, 2010.

While we will leave most of the info on this page as it was originally written, we are including the data but removing the form.

Here is the data we received to our Pilot Challenge Magazine Poll:


Question Answers Responses
you purchased
Challenge Magazine since Pilot started charging for it?
Yes 0
No 13
you feel that the
value of
the coupons that you would use from each issue of Challenge Magazine
adequately offets its cost?
Yes 0
No 1
do not know
coupon in
Challenge Magazine do
you like best?
I do not use the coupons 13
Food or drink 0
Restaurant 0
Clothing 0
Product in travel store 0
Product outside travel store 0
Service in travel store 0
Service outside travel store 0
Other 0

That’s it! The remainder of this page (except for the form) is as we originally published it. Thanks.

First, some background…

One rack full of Pilot Challenge Magazine, July 2010.The photo at right is of the July 2010 issue of Pilot Travel Center’s Challenge Magazine.

It was taken on July 19, 2010.

You can tell from the way that it isn’t curled or “slouching” in the rack that it has a fairly good number of identical magazines behind it.

You can also see advertised in the upper right hand corner that the coupons inside have a value adding up to $69.27.

(Pilot Travel Center’s Challenge Magazine website is: http://ptcchallenge.com/.)

Six racks of the July 2010 issue of Pilot Challenge Magazine are still almost completely full -- on July 31, 2010!The photo at left shows six racks of the July 2010 issue of Pilot Travel Center’s Challenge Magazine.

It was taken on July 31, the last day of the month.

You can see that of the six racks — four on the front, one on the left and one on the right — only the rack on the left shows any “space” in the rack. The rest are completely full.

We wonder if because of Pilot’s pricing model change, no one is buying their magazines.

  1. Pilot used to give away their magazines.
  2. Then they changed to making drivers swipe their driver payback cards to get the magazines for free.
  3. Then they changed to making drivers do one of two things:
    • spend 199 of their driver payback points or
    • spend $1.99 to buy each issue.

We’re running our Pilot Challenge Magazine Poll from August 13 through August 31, 2010 in the hopes of learning the answers to 3 questions.

If you are currently employed as a professional truck driver, please feel free to vote.

We ask you to vote only once.

Please note that we collect no personally identifiable information in this poll.

If you feel that you need to express yourself more fully on this subject, please fill out the form on our Product Reviews page.

Now, on to the poll…

Our poll was open through August 31, 2010.
If you voted, thank you.

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