Beware Of Sparks Around Batteries

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Tricks of the Trade IdeaWhen troubleshooting any electrical problems, try to avoid anything that causes sparks close to batteries. Hydrogen gas vapors rising from batteries can ignite and explode. This is more likely on warm summer day as gas vapors are more abundant when batteries are warm.

Response from Vicki:

Thank you very much for this word of warning. Until receiving your post, we were not aware of this. However, in researching the matter, we were able to confirm the potential for an explosion around rechargeable or lead-acid batteries:
1. Gassing
2. Battery Safety.

The second article linked above even shows the picture of a car battery that exploded due to a spark igniting the hydrogen gas.

Now we must say that we have never heard of a truck battery exploding from a spark. Furthermore, we’re not sure if truck batteries are composed of the same materials that car batteries are composed of. We know that they hold a charge, so they must be rechargeable.

This subject may be important when it comes to connecting anything else to a battery, like a battery-connected inverter. We also discussed the inverter troubleshooting that Mike once did. When you’re troubleshooting anything connected to your truck’s batteries, eliminate the potential for sparks!

We would be interested in hearing from other professional drivers and even truck mechanics on this issue. Besides the standard safety procedure and precautions that should be used when recharging or working around batteries, what else should be observed?

Vicki Simons