Cooking With Aluminum Is Bad

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Meal Preparation IdeaPlease be aware that aluminum leaches into your food and is VERY unhealthy over time. Use cooking materials that are made of stainless steel instead.

Response from Vicki:

Thank you for weighing in on this issue. The mainstream media doesn’t warn people about this, however two of the alternative health resources that I regularly consult have. For your convenience, I have researched and post here links to two articles:
1. Aluminum is Potential Cause of Thirty-Five Million with Dementia Worldwide
2. Aluminum Foil For Cooking.

OK, now when it comes to cooking in one’s truck, options are limited. We have listed a number in the meal preparation section of our website.

We will never recommend the purchase of cheaply-made but expensive to buy 12-volt cookware like the Pot-n-Pop because of its inferior quality.

Of the options that are our favorites, unfortunately, two involve some use of aluminum, namely our hot pot (which has an aluminum base and non-stick surface which while not specifically listed as Teflon can chip off) and electric skillet which has a similar aluminum base and non-stick surface.

Even the Burton Stove-to-Go features use of aluminum foil pans in which to cook. And we have already pointed out the dangers of microwaving food in a microwave oven.

Of the appliances we routinely use in the truck, the only ones that don’t use aluminum (to the best of our knowledge) are the crock pot, which has a stoneware type crock, and the waffle iron.

We would be interested in hearing from professional drivers and their home support team members regarding what are the healthiest ways to cook food quickly in a truck.

For example, should we recommend that drivers carry some kind of gas-operated burner and stainless steel pots and pans in which to cook? What are the pros and cons of doing this?

You should never have to sacrifice your health and wellness for the sake of good food cooked quickly in your truck.

We are interested in your further thoughts on this subject.

Vicki Simons