Boost Mobile Prepaid Service

By: Brian Carey,
Richland, WA USA

Telephone Services and Telecommunications IdeaI have had boost mobile for about 2 years. They use the Sprint network. They are reasonably priced at 50 dollars a month for unlimited phone, text, Internet.

If you get the shrinkage plan after about 6 payments they take off 5 bucks until your are at 40 bucks a month for an android phone. And you can tether it to your laptop for internet surfing and email.

They have just rolled out their newest 4G offerings now. I have the 3G service not as fast but still reliable. You can buy reboost cards at just about any retail store including Wal-Mart etc. or you can have automatic top up set up every month.

They also have pay as you go, and daily unlimited usage plans as well. They offer great phones I have an ZTE Warp with camera and you can add additional storage with micro SD cards.

I think all of the phones offer Bluetooth connectivity some even have stereo output for Bluetooth headphones no more wires yes. The majority of the Bluetooth headphones double as mics for hands free phone operation.

Response from Vicki:

Hi, Brian. Thanks so much for your review of Boost Mobile Prepaid Service on our Telephone Services page.

It sounds like you’ve got the best of both worlds with a prepaid phone that gives you lots of options: unlimited phone, text and Internet. Our only experience with a prepaid phone was another service and we found out really quickly how limited and expensive that was for non-casual users.

We would be interested to know how big your data package is (in MB or GB). Are you able to do all of the surfing and video watching you desire in a month’s time?

You mentioned an “automatic top up.” Please explain what that is and the pros and cons.

Also, have you ever had any overage charges? If so, what are those like?

You said that Boost uses the Sprint network. Does this provide all of the connectivity and coverage that you need everywhere you travel (we’re assuming in your big rig)? (Their coverage map is online.)

How did you determine that Boost Mobile Prepaid Service was the right one for you?

We have shared multiple times on our site how we didn’t like getting put in a position of obligation with a 2-year contract for mobile phone service with Verizon Wireless. With your Boost Mobile Prepaid Service, are you able to leave the service any time you want without a termination fee of any kind?

Thanks in advance for your additional thoughts on this. We wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons