Considering Changing Careers

By: DB,

Truck Driver Training School Money Saving TipI am considering changing careers. I am a teacher in Florida. I don’t think I need to say anymore about that. I have always been interested in trucking and seeing the country. I know little about the trucking business except what I have read on the internet. Thanks for having this website. It has really helped me with my decision. I plan to start trucking school this summer after I get out of school. I have talked to a local school.* I feel they were telling me the truth about trucking and the ropes. With your website it just has confirmed what they were saying.
Thank you.

Response from Vicki:


Thank you for contacting us through our website,

Mike and I are so pleased that our site has helped you.

We do not recommend any particular truck driver training schools but give guidance on what prospective truck drivers as student drivers should look for before making a decision. We also provide some guidance about questions to ask recruiters and the training (mutual expectations) that new truckers might want to have when they get paired up with a driver trainer in their first trucking company.

I recommend that you take a trip to your prospective school and look around. It would be best if you can go on a weekday when school is in session, so that you can ask questions and see everything in person. It would also help you if you can go out on a short run — perhaps over a weekend — with a seasoned driver so that you can see if you really want to become a truck driver. Trust me, being a trucker is a lot different from a teacher! (Mike has worked professionally as both a teacher and trucker.)

Please keep in touch to let us know how things go for you. We’re interested in your progression and if you have anything to add to our site to help other prospective truck drivers.

When you successfully land your first trucking driving job, we wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road!

Best regards,
Vicki Simons


* This question was originally sent as an email through our contact us page. To protect the writer, we have changed the names of the specific writer, school and city.