Exercise While On The Road

By: Jason and Kim,

Health and Wellness IdeaI rode along with my husband and needed to get creative about my exercise needs.

As a former women bodybuilder, I was used to lifting weights daily. I bought some Gold Gym dumbbells and was able to work out daily. Everyday I picked a body part and hit it hard!

As far as healthy high protein eating goes, we purchased a Coleman stove and were able to cook chicken, turkey burgers and beef.

We used canned tuna for extra protein and made protein shakes daily in a shaker bottle, munched on protein bars for snacks.

During our drops and pick ups, we did our speed walking, lunges, squats and outdoor pushups!

I was a personal trainer for years and did not want to give up working out while we were on the road! If you are motivated, you can do it too!

Response from Vicki:

Hi, Jason and Kim,

Thanks so much for sharing with us and our readers how you kept up with your physical exercises on the road as part of your commitment to your health and wellness.

I think that it is significant that during the times that Jason was stopped for drops and pick-ups, you managed to work in exercise. Many regional and long-haul drivers can benefit from using that bit of time for just such a short work-out.

It’s wonderful that you were able to cook food with a Coleman stove as a meal preparation device. We’d appreciate a product review of the model you used, covering all the pros and cons associated with taking and using it on the road.

I’ve got a bunch of questions and would appreciate your response in the comments (or even another submission):

* For truckers who don’t like tuna, do you have another recommendation for a high protein meat?

* What kind of protein “mix” (if that’s the right word) did you use, or did you make your shakes from ingredients you carried with you?

* Did you make your own protein bars or buy them commercially prepared? If you made them, what ingredients did you put in them? If you bought them, how did you determine which ones to buy?

Thanks again so much for sharing.

Mike and I both wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons