Truckers Savings Journalists Program

On December 12, 2012, we launched the Truckers Savings Journalists Program to enable truckers who share money saving tips on this site to earn money.'s Truckers Savings Journalists Program.The program gives approved professional truck drivers (“Journalists”) the opportunity to earn money from advertising appearing with industry-specific money saving articles and reviews they write and submit to the site.

See our news release.


This program allows approved current and former professional truck drivers (“Journalists”) to earn an ongoing revenue stream by writing news articles and/or reviews that will be published on the website.

Articles and reviews published under this program must focus on how professional truck drivers can save money or are being forced to spend more money in their jobs.

Truckers Savings Journalists Program applicants choose a topic (“beat”) that they want to cover from the perspective of professional truck drivers saving money.

Once approved into the program, a Journalist writes and submits articles and/or reviews to for review and publication on the site.

Each article or review submitted by a Journalist is published with two files:

  • his or her unique Google AdSense ad information and
  • his or her unique author byline.

Each Journalist must have a Google AdSense account to participate and earn revenue.

All clicks on and earnings from the Journalist’s AdSense ads are paid directly to the Journalist by Google (according to Google’s Terms and Conditions, to which Journalists must agree separately).

This allows Truckers Savings Journalists to have an ongoing revenue stream.

The benefits to Truckers Savings Journalists include:

  • provides instant visibility and readership for quality Journalists on the subject of truckers saving money.
  • AdSense ad placement provides near-instant revenue for Journalists whose articles and/or reviews are accepted for publication.
  • The process of submitting articles and/or reviews is done online through any web browser and no coding or programming is required.
  • The author byline allows Journalists to enter their names and project info.
  • All articles and reviews on are categorized, providing long-term revenue potential from search clicks.

New articles and reviews published on are automatically picked up on the site’s RSS news feed and sent to the site’s Truckers Savings Blog and social media accounts.

As articles and reviews are published, they are listed in the next issue of the free monthly Truck Drivers Money Saving Tips Email Newsletter, which has hundreds of subscribers.

Newsletters are archived so that readers may click and read items that interest them.

Please review all of the details of the Truckers Savings Journalists program:

Requirements for Participation in the Truckers Savings Journalists Program

To participate in the Truckers Savings Journalists Program:

  1. You must:
    • currently drive a Class A, Class B or Class C truck professionally;
    • have driven a Class A, Class B or Class C truck professionally for a minimum of 2 years; or
    • be the wife — and current full-time passenger — of a truck driver who is driving a Class A, Class B or Class C professionally.(Note: We use the commercial truck classification used in the USA. Other countries may classify trucks differently.)
  2. You must be willing to write about a specific topic (“beat”) that you choose (preferably from our list of topics).We request that Journalists submit, depending on topic,
    1. Either a minimum of one (1) article or free-form review per month;
    2. Or a minimum of one (1) “formed” truck stop review every two (2) weeks.You may contribute more if you choose.
  3. Regarding articles and free-form reviews, you must have high quality writing and editing skills that allow you to submit ready-to-publish article does not provide intensive editing services, and we will reject articles that contain too many errors.Writing quality must be professional and match the theme and tone of our website.While humor has its place, ours is not a site for satire.
  4. You must be willing to agree to our terms of
    • non-plagiarism (your articles/reviews are strictly your own work, not copied from other sources),
    • first publication (your articles/reviews are to be published first on our site and nowhere else for at least 90 days), and
    • financial independence (meaning that you cannot take money from companies to write about their products or services, nor can you write about a company or product in which you have a direct financial stake).
  5. You must have a Google AdSense account.You can apply for one at no charge by visiting new accounts are approved within 1-2 days.If you intend to apply for a new AdSense account, please list your own website URL as the URL you intend to publish on.Once approved, your AdSense ads can run on any website.
  6. If your chosen topic (“beat”) has to do with news, you must be willing to monitor the news headlines associated with it.Doing so will allow you to find article ideas and stay informed about your area of expertise.One of the best ways to do this is to use Google News or other website news aggregators. Google News is found at

How the Truckers Savings Journalists Program Works

As a Truckers Savings Journalist, you write news articles and/or reviews (“content”) for publication on

We publish your content along with your author byline and a Google AdSense ad from your AdSense account.

You don’t pay us anything to get started, and we don’t pay you anything for your articles and/or reviews.

Instead, Google pays you directly for the AdSense earnings generated by your ads appearing nearest the top of your content.

When readers click your AdSense ad, earnings are generated for your Google AdSense account, which are paid to you according to Google’s terms and conditions.

(Neither NKBJ InfoNet, LLC nor controls or influences Google’s AdSense program, its earnings or payment schedule.

We have found, however, that Google is very fair about paying on time.)

This set-up provides a small but ongoing revenue stream for your content, and it continues to generate revenue over time because your content stays posted on indefinitely.

The more content you contribute to, the more AdSense earnings you can accumulate over time.

Specific earning levels are not guaranteed, and they may vary widely based on the topic you write about, the quality of your writing, the behavior of readers, etc.

Under this program, either party can quit the arrangement at any time.

We require all Journalists to operate with professionalism, honesty and transparency.

We do not tolerate plagiarism or fraudulently clicking on your own AdSense ads.

Engaging in either will result in immediate termination from the program.

Journalists covering a large topic area (such as preventive maintenance) may be joined by other Journalists on the same or a similar beat. editors will coordinate article assignments to prevent overlapping.

The first Journalist to pitch an article idea is the first one who will get the opportunity to write it.

Once an article is pitched and approved, we request timely writing and submission of it.

Articles and Reviews We Seek through the Truckers Savings Journalists Program

We seek two types of content: articles and reviews.

Both must be of interest to professional truck drivers and geared specifically for helping them to save money or cover how they are being (or will be) forced to spend more money in their jobs.

All articles must be factual, accurate, true and hype-free.

  • Articles based on news stories (for example, the cost of diesel or the latest on CSA) cannot contain opinion.
  • Articles based on your own experiences (for example, if you’re writing about truck operations, preventive maintenance, tricks of the trade or “bonehead mistakes”) need to include elements like these:
    • provide context (why you needed or decided to do something);
    • list your options and the option you took;
    • describe what happened (good, bad or both);
    • explain what you learned;
    • tell what you would do differently the next time the situation arises; and
    • include at least one money saving tip.

There are two types of reviews that you may submit on our site:

  • “Formed” reviews on truck stop fuel islands, restaurants and showers (where you fill in your information on forms on the site); and
  • “Free-form” reviews on other types of products and services (where you write about your experience with the guidance of our suggestions).

In either case, reviews need to be thorough and detailed, based on your personal observations and experience.

The length of articles and free-form reviews needs to be a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 2000 words.

We are NOT looking for opinion-only articles like commentary, satire pieces or general trucking articles.

Our overall focus is to help professional truck drivers save money and keep them from spending more money in their jobs.

When in doubt, remember our website’s URL:

How to Get Started

If you would like to participate in the Truckers Savings Journalists program, you may apply below.

The application requires potential Journalists to select a topic (“beat”) that they would like to cover from the standpoint of truckers saving money.

We have suggested some topics and are open to others.

So if you have a special area of passion or expertise, feel free to apply and let us know what area you’d like to cover.

If you apply as a Truckers Savings Journalist today, we will reply to you within 3-5 business days, and if your application is accepted, you can begin pitching article and/or free-form review ideas.

You can submit “formed” truck stop reviews through our website any time.

By applying to become a Truckers Savings Journalist, you agree to be contacted by us in connection with the program and your specific topic and content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to length, we moved the Truckers Savings Journalists program’s Frequently Asked Questions and Terms and Conditions to other pages.

Please read all of the information as you will be asked to agree with the latter.


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