Should I Fight Ticket For Failure To Remove Snow-Ice From My Trailer

By: Richard,

Truck Operations IdeaI received a citation west of philadelphia on highway 76 mile marker 334 for ice on top of my trailer. It could not be seen from from thr ground but some did fall off. State trooper pulled me over and would not let me leave until I climbed up and got it off, there was no ladder on my trailer. Should I pay or fight this ticket? I asked how I was to attempt this without any way of climbing on top of the trailer,he said he didn’t care just figure it out.*

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Hello, Richard,

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specifically about snow removal from your rig:

If Pennsylvania is one of those states that has a snow removal law — and you did not remove the snow/ice from the top of your rig and some fell off — then there may be little recourse. Of course, we recommend that every professional truck driver fights every ticket issued to him/her:

I do not know how a snow/ice removal ticket is classified in Pennsylvania. Is it considered a moving violation that has points associated with it? If so, that is a double reason for fighting a ticket. Points issued against your one and only driver’s license (CDL) will most likely affect your personal auto insurance rates, too:

OK, here’s a hard question: If you couldn’t climb up on your rig in order to remove snow/ice in the first place, how were you able to do it after the state trooper pulled you over?

FWIW, there are devices that can help remove snow from the tops of trailers. One I recently read about was automatic and expensive. Another is wielded by hand; although we don’t endorse it, it is an option:

Another line of questions should be directed to your driver manager or trucking company:
* For the purposes of removing snow and/or ice, do you advise me to climb up on the roofs of trailers I haul in the future?
* If I fall off the top of a trailer during snow/ice removal, will I be covered under workman’s compensation?
* What alternatives to personally climbing up on top of a trailer do you recommend?
* If I have to personally pay for snow removal equipment, will I be reimbursed for the expense?

You may be able to think of other questions.

I wish you a successful resolution (hopefully in your favor) to this problem.

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