Hotel Truck Parking: Not Every ‘Truckers Welcome’ Site Does

Previously, we addressed hotels for truckers because hotel truck parking for full-sized rigs is important for those who need it.

The sign out front reads, '...TRUCKERS WELCOME' but we ask, 'What hotel truck parking?'However, not every hotel or motel that proclaims “Truckers Welcome” or “Truck Parking” provides enough space for large trucks.

Let’s look at a couple of examples.

Hotels and Motels that Claim to be Truck Friendly

This photo shows an inn with this on its marquee:


Hotel truck parking? What hotel truck parking?

If that photo isn’t definitive enough, here’s a view of the facility coming from the other direction:

Hotel truck parking? What hotel truck parking?

We don’t see any parking spaces for full-sized rigs here.

Perhaps there is truck parking around back, but there’s no sign posted to let truckers know of a special parking lot just for them.

If the management at this facility is referring to just bobtail parking (for tractors only), that is another matter altogether.

But the marquee doesn’t say what kind of hotel truck parking they offer. Hmm…

The photo below shows a lodge with this on its marquee:


Hotel truck parking? What hotel truck parking?

We have to ask: “What hotel truck parking?”

We sure don’t see any.

Trying to squeeze a full-size commercial motor vehicle into a place designed for cars is not only a bad idea, but it can be downright expensive.

Curb Damage

The photo below shows a Google Maps satellite view of a hotel parking lot not designed for large trucks.

However, truck drivers have repeatedly rolled their trailers right over a concrete curb near the end of the building.

The first time a truck did it, the tires may have simply left a black mark behind.

But over time as more and more trucks took their trailer tandems over it, the concrete curb became damaged.

View of concrete curb over which trucks have rolled.

The photo below shows curb damage from trucks where truckers exiting a truckstop did not swing out far enough to keep their trailer tandems from tracking across the curbing.

Granted, this seems like a “low” curb, but it is a curb nonetheless and parts of it are crumbled.

Curb damage from making a shortcut with truck tracking.

Businesses can get curb damage repaired but at what cost?

If a facility with hotel truck parking can pin the curb damage on a trucker, why wouldn’t they seek remuneration?

Dangers of Driving and Parking in Spaces Too Tight for Trucks

Yes, right turns can be tricky.

On April 27, 2012, we asked @CptMark1 on Twitter if we could use a couple of his photos on our site and he gave permission (link)(link).

What if the trucker whose rig is pictured, instead of running his right trailer tires into a ditch had been trying to make a tight turn out of a hotel parking lot?

Based on the photo above, instead of open space near the corner, imagine that there was a vehicle parked there in a tight hotel parking lot when a trucker cut the corner too short. (Scrape! Crunch! Ouch!)

When that happens, a number of unpleasant things occur for the trucker, possibly including (but not limited to):

  • being issued a ticket,
  • having one’s rig “moved” by a tow truck,
  • having to involve insurance to pay for the damage,
  • having to get in touch with one’s trucking company,
  • having it on one’s MVR and maybe DAC report,
  • being required to submit a urine sample, and
  • lost work time both from the accident and repair to one’s truck, etc.

You would do well to avoid all of these from the beginning.

truck drivers money saving tip iconMoney saving tipHotels4Truckers has not yet reviewed the hotel truck parking situation for every hotel, motel, inn, motor lodge, suite or overnight accommodation in the USA.

If the place where you plan to stay is not on their list and if you have a street address for that hotel, chances are good that you can use Google Maps with “satellite” view on to see if a particular accommodation has hotel truck parking.

(Please note that Google Maps is not 100% accurate all of the time.)

Know what kind of parking situation you will encounter before you attempt to park there — especially if you plan to arrive after dark.

You don’t want any surprises.

If you roll over and damage a curb at a hotel, you may be held financially responsible for the repair.

If you hit a vehicle, you may be held financially responsible for damage.

It is the cowardly and dishonest thing to do to knowingly hit a vehicle but just keep going when you think no one is looking.

Consider what you would be going through if a large truck hit your car while sitting in a hotel parking lot.

Besides, scrape marks on both vehicles may be easy to match up.

When you have a blind spot, pull your truck’s brakes and get out and look.

It is better to spend a minute or two to make sure you have the clearance needed before you attempt to park or drive your truck.

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