Burton Digital Stove

By: Fuddy Duddy,
Springfield, MO

Review This ProductThe Buton Digital Stove cooks real good. But like most all 12v appliances, It didn’t last long. You are lucky if it works a dozen times. I have found that to be the case on most all 12v cook wares I have owned. And I have owned quite a few.

Response from Vicki:

Hello, “Fuddy Duddy”,

Thank you for sharing your experience about the Burton Digital stove with us. As you may know, the product you reviewed is what some may call the second generation of Burton stoves, the first being the “Burton Stove to Go.”

We completely understand where you’re coming from. We have had a series of 12-volt truck products over the years and none of them lasted long either. It is one of the things that we have ranted about on our site before, especially on our Pot-n-Pop and hand held vacuum cleaner pages.

We are sorry that you have had a bad experience with this product and other 12 volt products. How we wish that some quality-minded manufacturer would see the opportunity to make top notch 12 volt products for truck drivers. This will be seen, among other ways, in the length of the warranty. Unfortunately, many of the 12-volt products on the market (at least those marketed to and sold to truckers in the truck stops) have a “limited 90-day warranty” instead of a 1-year or lifetime warranty.

Although not the same from a “sealing” point of view, we have found that a crock pot cooks approximately the same as one Burton appliance (although we’re not sure about the digital version). We have used a regular non-12-volt crock pot — connected to an inverter — in the truck many, many times with great success.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We are interested in hearing from other drivers who have used this product.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons