Making It Feel Like Home

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Ask Your Truck Drivers Money Saving Questions HereI’m looking for any ideas on storage, and cozy-ing up the cab some. We only go home 3 days a month, so I need a little comfort!

Response from Vicki:

Thanks for writing to us to ask a question.

We wrote about truck organization to help drivers wisely use the space in their trucks to help them save money.

Mike and I tended to focus more on practicality than “pretties” in the trucks we drove and lived in. Different truckers will have different items on their packing lists. We got to the place where we had three lists:
* job-related;
* food and equipment; and
* personal.

Our two must-have items for long-term in-truck comfort are a portable toilet (for at least ten reasons) and an inverter (for electrification). If one has a truck-mounted APU, one may not need an inverter at all.

We put money into things that would help us save more money (like food and meal preparation items).

Since you didn’t describe what kind of comfort you’re looking to obtain, I’m going to write this generally and try to hit as many bases as possible.

When it comes to “cozying up” a truck, there’s a difference in perspective between men and women. It sounds from your use of “we” that you are either a team driver (possibly as a spouse) or you ride with a trucker pretty much full-time.

The things that a man wants for comfort may differ significantly from what a woman wants. In fact, not all men nor all women will agree on what makes a cozy and comfortable habitat. So, before you begin any major truck decoration project, make sure that the person with whom you’re sharing your tiny in-truck quarters agrees with you on your plans. There’s no sense in getting all excited if your companion hates it or freaks out. πŸ™‚

You probably already know this, but make sure that whatever modifications you make never distract or hinder the view of the driver. Don’t block parts of the windshield or side windows and don’t reduce any mirrors’ reflective surfaces. We wrote an article about dash trash from the perspective of the price drivers can pay for cluttering up their truck dashes. But the info there is a good reminder.

Coziness may refer to creature comforts like climate control. For temperature regulation, there are a limited number of options including but not limited to:
* 12-volt fans;
* battery-powered climate control system;
* auxiliary power unit (APU); or
* bunk heater.
Because of more prevalent anti-idling laws and the expense involved, idling for comfort in one’s home sweet home on the road is quickly becoming a non-option as a climate control measure.

In the winter, some professional drivers prefer to use a sleeping bag to sleep in. Using this kind of bedding can also help a driver save money on laundry costs over time.

The nature of the interior of a commercial motor vehicle may not lend itself very well to decorations. For example, all of the Freightliners we’ve driven have had some kind of sound-absorbing material on the walls of the sleeping area. If it is vinyl, then using such things as tape, reusable poster adhesive or pins (to poke holes) may not be a good idea. Sticky backings may be difficult (if not almost impossible) to fully remove or may stain whatever they are placed on. Together with pinholes, they could affect the resale value of the truck later on.

It may be possible to wrap a piece of string (or even a piece of dental floss) around the “tack” in a quilted sound absorber. We took to hanging things from the top bunk. If the hook on a rubber tie down didn’t fit, we used a sturdy metal clothes hanger to hang things with.

Some truckers like to keep one or more photos of family members in their trucks. Road vibrations can severely affect some framed photos and artwork. Where these get placed in one’s truck is a matter of individual preference and necessity. Please use your own best judgment.

Some trucker wives may have a knack for arts and crafts that we don’t have and can comment on this aspect of making things more comfortable and cozy in a truck.

Finally, some drivers and in-truck home support team members may think that coziness and comfort refers to such things as Internet on the road or entertainment. Choice abound. Just be careful about what you buy in truck stops because return or exchange policies vary and can be extremely restrictive — and also because some prices may be drastically higher than in other stores or even online.

I hope this helps.

Mike and I wish you safe travels and lots of money saving opportunities on the road.

Best regards,
Vicki Simons